12th May2021

Where to Find Online Casinos with Bitcoin Games

by James Smith

Today, the acceptance of Bitcoin as a payment method is growing. The most progressive casinos allow players to make deposits in BTC. The number of such platforms is on the rise. Choosing a trusted website is fairly easy if you follow our tips.

Advantages of Using Bitcoin

Bitcoin-based sites are more secure by definition. Their members do not have to share accounts or credit card numbers for transactions. Processing is lightning-fast: send Bitcoins to your account and start playing! These sites have lower fees (if any), and they make gambling more accessible in regions where fiat-based platforms are banned. And these are only a few of the many benefits.

How to Find a Casino

Bitcoin gambling is a popular topic. Expert review sites feature casinos with bitcoin bonuses and crypto payment method for Asian regions. You can find legit operators easily, but which one is the best? These criteria will help to narrow down your search:

  • your preferred type of cryptocurrency (aside from Bitcoin, casinos may accept Ripple, Litecoin, etc.);
  • the range of games in the library (classic games and slots);
  • the bonus system (welcome bonuses, free spins, match bonuses, loyalty rewards, etc.);
  • country of operation.

Bonuses in Bitcoin casinos may be extremely lucrative, as the coins are gaining value all the time. The most common type is the match bonus: the casino adds a share of your deposits — usually, between 25% and 100% (up to a certain amount). Players who use Bitcoin may get 1-5 BTC as rewards. The same system is used in fiat-based casinos, but the benefits are smaller (up to a few hundred dollars). Other benefits include no deposit bonuses — usually, free spins. If these may be used in progressive slots, you can win millions. Loyal players may also get exclusive gifts, promotions and games, depending on the reward system.

Range of Games

Libraries of well-established casinos are powered by famous studios like NetEnt or Microgaming. They offer hundreds of options in all popular categories — table games and slots. On the same site, you may explore roulette, blackjack, progressive slots, and more. What is your idea of a perfect gaming experience? Slots do not require any strategy, and they come in a vast range of themes. There are vintage reels with cherries and bar glasses, underwater quests, cinematic worlds, and more. If you want something more challenging, try strategic games like blackjack or video poker. Classic collections of all popular sites feature different styles of these all-time favourites. For example, you may compare the European, French, and American variations of roulette.

Safety Measures

By definition, Bitcoin is more secure than other payment methods. The information you share is limited to the address of your wallet. There is no need to worry about credit card theft. For players in regular casinos, the security of transactions is a major concern. Even reliable platforms may be hacked. Funds in your encrypted wallets may only be accessed via two-step verification. For cybercriminals, breaking down these defences is next to impossible. At the same time, online gamblers should still choose reliable platforms recommended by experts.

Beware of Phishing Scams

Scammers still send emails with malicious links. If you see an email from your casino, check the sender first. A reliable company will never ask you to share any personal information via email. Any suspicious messages must be deleted immediately.

Create a Strong Password

This rule applies to any financial transactions, and Bitcoin casinos are no exception. Create a complex login and password — write it down to remember. Google Password Manager is a great alternative, as notes on paper may get lost or stolen. These combinations of symbols must be secure and unique at the same time. Include upper and lower case, numbers and special characters like “$” or “#”. Some websites will not even register your account unless the credentials are strong enough.

Final Words

Choosing a trusted casino is important, but you need a solid gambling strategy as well. Define your budget and limits for each session. When you are on a roll, stopping is hard. Do not try to chase losses either, as this is senseless. Always play responsibly.

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