12th May2021

Comic Concierge: Comic Book “Starting Points” (May 12th 2021)

by Dan Clark

Welcome Dan, aka Comic Concierge, back to Nerdly with his new YouTube channel dedicated to all things comics. From weekly new releases to graphic novels. Comics are for everyone but the key is finding the right one. Comic Concierge is here to help with that journey, with a range of videos discussing everything from weekly pick-ups, dollar-bin dives, comic book theory, analysis and more!

STARTING POINTS: Comics out May 12th 2021

One of the hardest questions to answer with comics is a very basic one, “Where do I begin?” Each week Starting Points helps answer that by going over this week’s new comics to point out ongoing series starting new arcs, notable new series, and trades and graphic novels coming out.

Time Stamps:

00:00​ – Opening

New #1’s

00:31​ – Time Before Time
02:23​ – X-Corp #1
04:49​ – Future State: Gotham
06:35​ – Justice League: Last Ride
08:34​ – DC Festival of Heroes: The Asian Superhero Celebration #1
10:19​ – Silver City #1
11:53​ – The House of Lost Horizons

Ongoing Series Starting New Arcs:

13:31​ – Fantastic Four #32
15:10​ – Star Wars #13
16:39​ – Ice Cream Man #24
18:06​ – Silver Coin #1


19:42​ – Dreaming Eagles
21:05​ – Cyclopedia Exotica
22:46​ – Department of Mind-Blowing Theories
24:22​ – Stone Fruit

26:30​ – Pick of the Week (Barbalien: Red Planet)

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