27th Apr2021

‘The Resort’ VOD Review

by Alain Elliott

Stars: Brock O’Hurn, Michelle Randolph, Bianca Haase, Michael Vlamis, Avery Pascual, Joaquin Veizaga | Written and Directed by Taylor Chien

I’m sure I’m very wrong but it feels like there are about a dozen low budget horror movies with the title ‘The Resort’ and this one 2021 is the latest one. In it we see a group of four friends head to Hawaii to investigate reports of a haunted abandoned hotel and the story of the Half-Faced Girl.

To be fair The Resort doesn’t come across as a particularly low budget affair. It’s shot decently enough and the production values look better than most (that aren’t super big budget). The location is key to a lot of this but with that, this abandoned hotel is part of both good points in the movie and bad ones. It’s good, well better than good, because it’s this hugely expensive and amazing looking abandoned hotel, with nature beginning to grow around it. It’s such a great place to ave for a horror movie and there’s so many different ways you could use it and stories you could tell around it. But maybe because of this my expectations were a little too high. What it feels like we have here is film-makers that have discovered this location but aren’t really sure what to do with it. And what we get is a mostly generic horror movie that steals bits from The Blair Witch Project and several J-horror movies.

At only seventy minutes long you would think time would fly by watching The Resort but it feels like nothing much happens for at least forty five minutes. Of course,I don’t mind slow burn in genre films but all we learn is the story of the Half-Faced Girl and a little about the four friends. The characters themselves are likeable enough and the acting is decent but there’s not much on the script to work with.

There are a couple of good attempts at a jump scare, as well as two really cool moments of gore that almost save the film from being a complete waste of time. The two gore-filled moments really do come out of nowhere and aren’t just the same trick done twice. It’s a shame there’s not more of this in the rest of the movie because if it had gone down that route it really could have got a cult following. The Half-Faced Girl isn’t the best new villain I’ve ever seen but it could have worked.

You feel like the last five minutes were put on just to add some excitement but it just makes a ridiculous final scene that will probably be laughed at.

The Resort just has too much mediocrity throughout though. Even when the action picks up, time is filled with young people running around screaming from what looks like someone cosplaying as a generic J-horror ghost… Wasting a perfect horror movie location is what The Resort will be mostly remembered for.

** 2/5

The Resort will be releasing on digital and on demand from 30th April. The film will be available on Sky Store, Virgin, iTunes, Amazon, Microsoft Store, Google Play, and Chili


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