27th Apr2021

Comic Concierge: Where to start reading ‘Captain America’ comics!

by Dan Clark

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Where to Start Reading Captain America Comics: The Ultimate Guide to the First Avenger and Beyond

Falcon and Winter Solider may have ended but there are still plenty of great comics to read. The question is where to start? That’s where this video comes in. Let’s break down some perfect starting points for Captain America and all the different versions throughout Marvel’s history.

Time Stamps:

00:00​ – Good News, Bad News
01:17​ – Truth- Red, White, and Black
03:09​ – Captain America: White
05:25​ – Captain America: Patriot
08:06​ – Captain America: Man Out of Time
10:16​ – Captain America: Mad Bomb
11:28​ – Marvel Snapshots: Captain America
12:00​- Captain America: ‘Dust”
13:59​ – Captain America: Dead Man Running
15:30​ – Captain America: The Chosen
17:35​ – U.S. Agent/John Walker
18:50​ – All-New Captain America
20:09​ – Captain America: Sam Wilson
21:25​ – Falcon and the Winter Solider
22:40​ – Captain America: Winter Solider

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