26th Mar2021

‘The Legend of Fall Creek’ Review

by Alain Elliott

Stars: Frank Brantley, Alton Clemente, Chuck Clendenin, Curt Clendenin, Christy Keller, Anita Leeman Torres, Robert Miano, Christopher DeMaci, Julia Mack | Written by Jen Mathiasen, Ryan McGonagle | Directed by Anthony Hall, Ryan McGonagle

The Legend of Fall Creek is the sequel to the 2016 movie Bloody Bobby, a film I suspect not many people were desperate to see a sequel for – mainly because not many people will have seen it. This is actually the third movie in the trilogy (Black Pumpkin was number two) but it is not essential to see the previous entries.

Knowing the killer in the movie was called Bloody Bobby didn’t give me high hopes. I’ve been trying to think a worst name for a horror movie villain but I can’t think of one. It’s not scary or menacing in the slightest, surely the writer could have thought of something better. But if the killer looked cool, was well-acted, and had some good death scenes then all could be forgiven. Unfortunately, Bloody Bobby has none of these. In fact, the death scenes are some of the most annoying parts of the movie. Despite not being set in the eighties (the first film was set in 1988, this is twenty years later) the director chooses to try and make the film like a classic eighties slasher. Young adults are killed off, usually after sex, drugs or drinking. But it was done much better in many eighties movies than it is here.

To give it even more of an eighties feeling, every death scene or when Bloody Bobby turns up, the screen displays tracking lines like you’re watching it on an old VHS. This doesn’t seem like a bad idea but when it coincides with a cut every second so we don’t see the full awfulness of the villain’s mask and outfit or whatever he is supposed to be doing, it just doesn’t work. The less said about the whole look of Bloddy Bobby the better but about £5 of the budget was maybe spent on the outfit. The death scenes are not entertaining or scary and lack any tension at all. We get to see a bit of blood splatter and not much else. What should be a brief respite in a dull film, actually adds nothing.

The actors actually do a decent job, making The Legend of Fall Creek at least somewhat watchable, trying to fight against a mostly poor script. Curt Clendenin in one of the main roles managed to excel despite having very little to work with when it comes to the dialogue. He shows some natural charisma and it’s no surprise that he is quite an experienced actor. The brief appearance of veteran actor Robert Miano (Fast & Furious, Donnie Brasco) does not add a whole lot to the movie. While both Christy Keller and Anita Leeman Torres show glimpses of a good performance which would suggest in better hands they could excel.

Despite these few positives it’s hard to recommend The Legend of Fall Creek. Eighties slasher fans will just wish they were watching an eighties slasher film but I guess if you enjoyed Bloody Bobby and Black Pumpkin, you will want to see the story continue. Just don’t expect too much. Any complaints you had about those two movies, will almost definitely be the same complaints you have with this one.

The Legend of Fall Creek is available on Demand and DVD now from Uncork’d Entertainment.


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