18th Feb2021

‘The Stand 1×06: The Vigil’ Review

by Paul Metcalf

Stars: James Marsden, Odessa Young, Owen Teague, Whoopi Goldberg, Alexander Skarsgard | Created by Josh Boone, Benjamin Cavell

For fans of The Stand there are certain characters and events that stand out. In episode 6 we finally get to see not only one of the favourite characters from the book finally make his appearance, but also the build up begin to the actual Stand.

Harold (Owen Teague) and Nadine (Amber Heard) put their plan into effect as a vigil is held for Mother Abigail (Whoopi Goldberg) who is still missing. In New Vegas Trashcan Man (Ezra Miller) arrives as Tom (Brad William Henke) makes his escape.

Trashcan Man is one of the most important characters in The Stand after Mother Abigail and Flagg (Alexander Skarsgard), so it’s nice to see him finally make an appearance. With a talented actor like Ezra Miller taking the role there was high expectations for the character. Thankfully he plays the part well. However one of the main issues I’ve had with the show, as it has progressed, is the lack of character depth though, and sadly this is also the case with Trashcan Man. Though he has only just arrived and we may get more flashbacks, the hints at his past were a little too rushed and focused on just giving a reason for the character to be obsessed with Flagg.

Trashcan Man is somewhat of a complicated character, as yes he may want the world to burn but he isn’t all out a bad guy. He has a weakness that Flagg manipulates, and that is being an outcast. While this is featured in this episode, I’d have liked it to go deeper and fully flesh out a character who deserves to be more understood.

Back in Boulder, Harold’s indecisiveness is over and that is expected. Harold is one of the characters that actually does feel to have that much needed depth, and this is needed of course to understand his actions and how he is being used by Flagg. If only more of the characters had the same depth.

It is understandable as I’ve said in previous reviews for the show that the same depth that we saw in the book can’t be put into each episode, there is just too much to cover. It’s a shame though that this makes the show feel like it is taking style over content, or in some respect concentrating more on the Dark Man rather than the people who make up the story as a whole.

Moving into the conclusion of the show and the build up to The Stand, it is feeling like this version is somewhat of a missed opportunity. Sure, Skarsgard and Goldberg play their characters well and the Dark Man and Mother Abigail stand out as important characters, but it really feels like there should be more. We have Harold of course, and hopefully Trashcan Man, but what about Nick and Tom and their relationship? There are so many characters that make up the story, but in the end it is starting to feel like they just lack the fleshing out that would do them justice.

***½  3.5/5

The Stand is available in the UK on StarzPlay now.

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