09th Feb2021

‘Ru Paul’s Drag Race 13×06’ Review

by Rhys Payne

In last weeks episode of Ru Paul’s Drag Race, we saw Joey Jay sashay-away which is a shame as she bought a perspective new and exciting view of drag so it’ll be exciting to see where she end up in the coming months! Additionally, in the last episode we saw one of the best-crafted looks to ever grace the runway, which was created by Utica, with Gotmik also creating many stunning looks. On the complete another side of the coin, we also saw one of the worst looks in drag race herstory as Lala Ri simply glued paper bags to leotard which fell apart as she was performing. Lala has a lot of work to do this week if she wishes to Ru-deem herself! Everyone has been talking about last weeks episode – not because of Joey’s elimination – which many people were disappointed about, but instead they were talking about the events of Drag Race Untucked. For those who have not heard of Untucked before, this is a supplementary series that runs alongside the normal series but offers a more behind the scene and real view of each episode. During last weeks Untucked we saw an intense fight between Kandy Muse and Tamisha Imann, which ran over into this weeks episode. Tamisha is experienced in causing fights as she seemed unfazed by Kandy trying to shout over her but Tamisha still managed to get her point across.

The mini-challenge this week was sponsored by the brand Spoonflower who are specialists in home decor. The queens had to pair up and use some of Spoonflower’s unique wallpaper to create a design which one of them had to model against a backdrop with the same design. The important thing to note is that Kandy Muse, Tina Burner and Gotmik have formed this kind of group (which they lovingly refer to themselves as ‘The Mean Girls’) and so when Gotmik had to opportunity to join a group it was obvious who she would join. Eliott and Tamisha were the two queens left after everyone else had paired up and shockingly they won this mini-challenge! Which didn’t make much difference to the competition but I suppose it would help with momentum. The gag this week is that the queens who worked together in the mini-challenge have to work together in the maxi challenge this week too – a challenge in which they had to perform in a disco documentary. The story of this documentary was based on the rise and fall of disco and was somewhat based on real-life as Ru talked about the “disco sucks” movement where a DJ called for people to bring their disco albums to be burnt in a bid to kill disco but just like Gloria Gaynor song, disco ‘will survive.’ It was really interesting to see Tamisha and Eliott working together in this challenge – as Eliott is a professional dancer and Tamisha’s work revolves around many iconic dancers. However, Denali and Rosè are the dancing queens this season and, from the moment they were working together, I knew they would bring the choreography in the performance and I was not wrong… they killed it! I don’t know why Ru Paul has started to do this sit-down chats with the queens but for the second week in a row, this happened. During these interviews, however, I was ‘personally offended’ when Tina talked about the song I Will Survive being originated by Diana Ross.

There must have been a lot of pressure on Kandy Muse in this challenge, as during her first musical challenge, she painfully messed up the dance while centre-stage; so she needed to redeem her performance this week … spoiler alert … she did not. However, we did get a very emotional chat with Kandy while getting ready where she talked about why the way she is. She talked about how she grew up “in the hood” where she had to be tough to survive and how her mother was in and out of prison during her childhood. It was nice to see this more vulnerable side to Kandy as there has been a lot of hate and negativity thrown at her recently, so this came at the perfect time. Tamisha revealed in this episode that not only is she recently recovering from cancer but also has an ostomy bag which is hindering her performance but she didn’t want to let the queens or judges know as she didn’t want to make excuses. While this is very brave and noble I do think that it will come back to haunt her and … spoiler alert… it does. In the main performance, the judges commented on how Tamina looked withdraw which I believe was a result of her medical conditions but as she had not disclosed it no accommodations could be made. Olivia Lux killed this episode and her joy and energy are contagious and she is such a joy to watch! For the main challenge as a whole, I do think that all the sketches were a bit too short and stopped the audience fully getting into the story.

The runway theme this week was simply a little black dress. I loved Tina Burner’s entrance look, which was a wet paint overall which transformed into a black dress with paint splatters on it. This was logical and made sense and showed that Tina had thought about the costume and theatrics. However, I don’t know what it is but every time I see Tina in a red/orange/yellow colours my eyes naturally roll. She looks good don’t get me wrong but I think she has done this colour scheme so much it’s kind of expected at this point. I also really enjoyed Kandy’s dress which was inspired by the ‘revenge’ dress Princess Diana wore but hand-painted and drawn on a blank canvas. Gotmik wore the littlest black dress you have ever seen! It was just about big enough the cover her modesty while still being very fashion-forward which was great. Utica is a queen that loves a concept to her looks, which was demonstrated this week when she has worn an outfit that was inspired by some earrings she found… complete with a hook on her head to make herself look like the earrings!

The winner this week was Olivia Lux, which in my opinion is well overdue ,as she has been doing so well so far. At the bottom of the competition, we find Kandy and Tamisha which is particularly interesting due to the fight between them which aired last week. When all was said and done we watched the people’s icon Tamisha Iman leave the competition, which I am devastated by, as she was my favourite queen this season. She demonstrated that she could keep up with the younger queens and established herself as a very talented performer!

Overall, this was a fun episode of Ru Paul’s Drag Race that discussed the history of disco with some fun and educational facts. However, the challenge felt very rushed and quick and not at the same standard as many of the other musical based challenges from previous seasons.

*** 3/5


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