28th Dec2020

Interview: Actor Martin Delaney on his career, Officer Down and more!

by Kevin Haldon

Here’s another interview in Nerdly’s socially distanced series of chats with filmmakers and performers as part of the Nerdly Out Loud podcast for Nerdly.co.uk. This time Kevin sits down with actor Martin Delaney to discuss the short film Officer Down, his career, the pandemic, Renford Rejects and more!

Set amid a divided country, with fear and civil unrest at it’s peak, OFFICER DOWN tells the story of police officer Alex Trent, who becomes trapped in a rundown building during a riot and finds himself facing off with the very people he was sent to help arrest. With allegiances unclear and enemies not who they seem, Alex must decide who to trust and find his strength in order to survive.

Check out the interview below and read our review of Officer Down right here.


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