24th Dec2020

Interview: Vampiro & director Michael Paszt discuss doc ‘Nail in the Coffin’

by Phil Wheat

In this exclusive interview, Jason of the History of Bad Ideas podcast and Brad of the Cinema Guys podcast talk to wreslter Vampiro and director Michael Paszt about the documentary Nail in the Coffin: The Fall & Rise of Vampiro – which offers a rare glimpse into the legendary career of wrestling icon, Vampiro, as he grapples with his demons and life after fame. Straight from one of wrestling’s most outspoken characters, this is a candid look beyond the ring.

Semi-retired professional wrestler Ian Hodgkinson reveals the harsh realities behind the glamour of being in the world of wrestling as the infamous ‘Vampiro’. A Lucha Libre legend, Hodgkinson tells the astonishing story about his meteoric rise to fame in the 90’s and how it almost killed him. Yet none of that was as back-breaking as his current life – working behind-the-scenes as the Director of Talent for Lucha Libre AAA in Mexico City and Lucha Underground in Los Angeles, while simultaneously raising his teenage daughter Dasha in remote Northern Canada as a single parent.

Make sure to check out our review of Nail in the Coffin: The Fall & Rise of Vampiro too! The film is out now on Blu-ray and Digital from Epic Pictures.


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