22nd Dec2020

Interview: Jason Impey talks ‘5 Great VIPCO Releases’

by Stuart Wright

In his latest interview/podcast, host and screenwriter Stuart Wright speaks to prolific UK horror filmmaker Jason Impey about his documentary Vipco: The Untold Story and picks for 5 Great VIPCO releases.

VIPCO was the British distributor, who brought a wide and wild range of genre/horror films – video nasties as the tabloids tagged them – during the 1980s and 1990s. Founded and run by Michael Lee. Jason Impey’s documentary brings Micheal, Mike to his friends, to fore to tell the story from his point of view with help from a plethora of cult film experts and academics who lend the work of VIPCO a 21st century importance the gutter press of the 1980s would be shocked to discover they helped create.

Vipco: The Untold Story is out now via Vimeo and Amazon Prime

Jason’s picks inculde:

  • DRILLER KILLER (1979) Dir Abel Ferrera
  • ZOMBIE FLESHER EATERS (1979) Dir Lucio Fulci
  • CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST (1980) Dir Ruggero Deodato
  • THE BEYOND (1981) Dir Lucio Fulci
  • SUICIDE (2001) Dir Raoul Heimrich

For those wanting more checkout the book:

Video Nasty Mayhem: The Inside Story of VIPCO by James Simpson – www.bennionkearny.com/book/video-nas…of-vipco-book/

See No Evil by David Kerekes & David Slater headpress.com/product/see-no-evil/


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