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‘Major League Wrestling: Fusion’ Review (Nov 26th 2020)

by Nathan Favel

Welcome to this return of Major League Wrestling: Fusion, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel MLW is back, baby! BOOM! We’re jumping right in to the Opera Cup, which is not about singing, SO SHUT THE F— UP! Amigo, let’s get to it.

MATCH #1: Richard Holliday vs. TJP (w/ Bu Ku Dao) – Opera Cup Tournament Match (Opening Round)

The following is courtesy of mlw.com:

“The Carribean Champion” hands his title over to the offcial whom he prompts to hoist it up in a moment of glamour (this is a total non-title match for those keeping track). Holliday holds court further by making an event of him holstering his Air Pods. The bell rings and we’re underway. The two men circle one another before a very brief lock-up and a reset. The second lock-up has TJP getting sent to the canvas due to the strength of Holliday. Side headlock by TJP who turns it into an impressive snapmare, utilizng the turnbuckle to down Rich. Holliday turns it into a grounded head scissors, but TJP kicks himself free. That causes Rich to roll in the corner. The two look to be going for a test of strength but Holliday using some striking. TJP briefly turns it into an octopus stretch. It’s not long before Rich uses his speed to roll TJP up for a two count. Back on their feet, Rich trips TJP up and turns it into a leg lock. Another headscissors allows TJP to free himself, but a shoulder tackle finds him on his back. TJP catches him with a front chancery, Rich powers him up in a fireman’s carry and TJP turns it into an arm drag. Rich looks dizzyed and TJP dropkicks him in the back and sends him on the outside. The dropkicks keep kicking as TJP leaps off the top and hit Rich right in the mush on the outside. TJP ascends once more, but the ring acumen of Rich uses the ropes to crotch the high-flier. Rich stomps away on the legs of TJP before delivering some destructive shoulder blocks. A northern lights suplex gets a two count. TJP utilizes his speed and the apron to lock Holliday in a sharpshooter. He turns it into a bridging deathlock. Rich turns it into a chin lock, but TJP turns to his feet and gives Holliday a mean stump puller! Rich is in immense pain, but does knee TJP in the gut. TJP finds sanctuary in the corner and fakes Rich out with a handstand turned head scissors. Holliday is able to scout TJP out well and lariats him hard on the apron, but TJP tangles Rich’s arm in the ropes. Headbutt by TJP leads to an impressive hurricanrana to get himself back in the ring. TJP attempts a cross body and turns it into a White Noise for a near fall. He goes for another cover but no dice. Ground sleeper by Rich. TJP tries to fight free and does when Rich goes for a double underhook. Tornado DDT off the turnbuckle and does three front chancery suplexes. Holliday is out and TJP comes off the turnbuckle with a swanton attempt. Rich rolls out of the way and catches TJP with a 2008 Market Crash for the 1-2-3. WINNER and ADVANCING in The Opera Cup: Richard Holliday.

My Opinion: 3.8 out of 5 – This was some really strong wrestling, like decaf up a hippo’s wazoo. TJP brought his Impacty goodness to MLW, which needs some of that kinda stuff right now. Holliday matched-up well with TJP, who has become an all-around top-notch pro at this point. I had no worries about any offense these guys went with, because I knew it would work out. I’m f—– up right now. I like Cheeze Whiz…a lot. You get the high-flying moves, the submissions and the last-second reversals that make a great match just that…Kansas. The back-and-forth between these two was like watching El Presidente execute his fourth wife for reading a book. Um…this was pretty damn thrilling, with a side of mayonnaise de la BBQ. I’m out of words. Twern’t nuthin!

MATCH #2: Calvin Tankman def. Robert Martyr

The following is courtesy of mlw.com:

The 355 lb big man shows his major league athleticism by leap frogging his much smaller foe before delivering a big-time dropkick. Hard chops in the corner by Tankman and Martyr attempts to be ever-resilient, but a modified standing blue thunder followed by a lariat lays Martyr out cold. Tankman is not done and gives him a Tankman Driver for the dominant finish. WINNER: Calvin Tankman.

My Opinion: 2.3 out of 5 – Well, this was a debut. Calvin won and did well in a squash.

MATCH #3: (MAIN EVENT) “Filthy” Tom Lawlor (w/ Dominic Garrini) def. Rocky Romero – Opera Cup Tournament Match (Opening Round)

The following is courtesy of mlw.com:

Romero is proudly representing New Japan Pro-Wrestling in the Opera Cup and he awaits the former MLW World Champion. Tom comes out with representation of his own: Team Filthy (and Condom Depot which Garrini displays a big banner of behind Tom as he enters). He comes in wearing cut-off jean shorts which is a certain manner of mind games, but the bell rings and clearly Romero is not phased. The two tie up and Romero catches him in a scissors hold. Tom handstands and rolls free. The two get to their feet and lock hands. Waist lock by Tom before Rocky grabs the noggin of Tom. The two continue to jock for position and goes for a lock he learned in NJPW, but Tom turns it into a pin attempt. The chess match contines as Rocky and Tom roll about on the mat that only the top class of grapplers are capable of. The headlock head games are extremely strategic by each man as both want to weaken one another. Romero goes for a shoulder tackle, but Tom stands his ground. Attempt two does the same. Same with four, five and six before so Rocky resorts to some kicks, but it’s Lawlor who ends up with the shoulder tackle take down. Rocky soon fights back and sends Tom on the outside. He then leaps off the apron with a flying knee before doing a bit of gloating. As Tom rolls back in, Rocky stomps at Tom before jarring him with forearms. Another facelock by Romero. Tom strikes himself free, but Romero ties Lawlor up in an impressive octopus stretch. The torque is intense, but Tom powers himself somewhat free. The leg strength of Rocky leads Tom to the corner for a spinning head scissors. Tom somehow manages to maintain focus on the ankle and knee and flips Rocky over for a reverse surfboard. Romero looks to be in big time pain and Lawlor senses now is the time to feed him some knees. Snapmare followed by a leaping clothesline gets a close fall. A hard chop in the corner stumbles Rocky and sets him up for a float-over leg sweep. A kickout by Rocky, but Tom maintains control of his competition. He works the back of Rocky, but Romero reaches his feet and wrangles him down for a modified crossface. Tom somehow manages to rest his foot on the ropes and the hold is broken. The two soon trade chops and punches. Tom downs Rocky and he takes a brief moment to recuperate, but then has a heel hook on Rocky’s left leg. Romero goes for the enziguri, misses, but does catch Tom on the reverse. Hard jabs and chops by Rocky. He goes for a tornado DDT but calls an audible and locks Tom in a guillotine choke. Tom flings him over in an exploder suplex. Tom looks to go for the rear naked choke, but Rocky reads the room and does hit his tornado DDT. Rocky gathers his bearings and hangs Tom over the middle rope. Big kick to the face of Tom and then does a top rope double stomp to the back of the Filthy one. He then wrenches the arm once more and leads Tom to the corner. Rocky ascends and then drops his knee on top of Tom’s arm. More knees by Rocky who goes for a roundhouse but Tom catches it. Lawlor looks for a lariat but Rocky takes the momentum and tries to tie Tom up with an armbar. Tom rolls free and goes for his rear naked choke. Rocky in turn rolls free and flips himself over to deliver a sliced bread. Tom slips free, but gets a punch and knee for his troubles. Rocky then hits his running sliced bread and covers: 1-2-no! Such a near fall! A major series of running clotheslines by Rocky, but Tom transitions that adrenaline rush to hoist him up for a big-time spinebuster. The referee begins his ten count. Both men reach their feet and trade leg strikes and then an extreme amount of palm strikes. Extremely fierce. Rocky takes out Tom’s leg hard and goes again for the sliced bread, but Lawlor lays down a backslide. He goes for a lariat but Rocky makes it a rolling bridged pin attempt. Lawlor tries for his rear naked choke, but he calls an audible and utilizes his leg strength to roll Rocky on his shoulders for the 1-2-3. WINNER and ADVANCING in The Opera Cup: “Filthy” Tom Lawlor.

My Opinion: 4.4 out of 5 – This kicked ass. Two tough athletes delivered a match that felt like a true sports contest and it really kept me glued to the T…uh…computer screen. There was no screwing around here and no dumb tactics to keep the match interesting. Every-thing that happens here is top-notch, close-quarters action that is so grueling to see, that it may as well be a beating on hot concrete. Tom has become one hell of a grappler in pro wrestling and when he gets in the ring with a Rocky Romero, it’s a good day at the office, even if the copier was broke earlier in the day. These guys kept it right on the ground and that suited me right down to it. Why can’t more matches be like this one? If the WWE could book a card a week with matches like this, I bet more people would watch. In any case, there isn’t a dull moment here and that speaks well of the finale of this return of The Opera Cup and Fusion.

Final Verdict: 4/5

Hell with it. I had fun here and this was a breeze.


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