28th Nov2020

Problems with the education system: the excessive workload and stress in students

by James Smith

With the advent of technology, it has become very easy for students to have access to knowledge. In the days of yore, students had to search through hundreds of books in the library to find relevant information.

Nowadays, all the required information is available at the click of your mouse. With plenty of more opportunities and ease of access to information, the educational horizons of students have broadened. With various online courses, essay and paper writing services, technological tools, etc., the students have unlimited opportunities to unleash their hidden potential.

However, with so many technical means, additional courses, information, etc. available to the students, the level of stress has increased manifold due to the excessive workload. Students have started participating in sports, scientific activities, part-time jobs, etc. and they don’t have a lot of time on their hands.

All this leaves a negative impact on their mental and physical health. There are various reasons for this, but largely, this is because of flaws in the education system. When in university or high school, students have to take on several subjects to fulfill their degree requirements. With loads of assignments, exams, and research papers of each subject to be turned in every weekend, students are under constant pressure and stress.

How to Minimize Educational Stress

Students need to minimize stress so that they can regulate their mental condition. Let’s see what are a few ways they can accomplish this.

  • Take Help from Experts
    You can take help from your professors, friends, colleagues, family, etc. It is not wrong to lean on others for help – you can manage your tasks better this way. There are various online writing services that have expert writers that will help you with your essays, assignments, reports, thesis, etc. However, since you are taking help with your essays and assignments, it is like you are handing off a part of your grades to strangers off the internet. You can’t do that without proper research and information. Make sure that they don’t copy material off the internet and have an authentic plagiarism checker. Read several online reviews of the writing service that you are thinking of using such as Writers Per Hour review so that you would know whether a particular service is good enough or not. According to a study, more than 2 hours of homework is counterproductive. Another research showed that too much homework and essay writing results in stress, lack of balance, physical problems, etc.
  • Make a Routine
    Another thing that you can do is make use of technological gadgets to keep yourself organized. Daily planners, schedules, reminders, etc. go a long way in accomplishing your tasks in the most efficient manner possible. Once you have made a timetable and set a routine, then you should stick to it. It may be hard at times, but you need to keep trying until you accomplish your goals.
  • Reward Yourself
    The world has become more competitive and it has become a lot harder to succeed and accomplish anything. Therefore, you need to count your victories, no matter how small, minor, and minute they are. Acknowledge your small wins – they pave way for your brighter tomorrow! Even though a small amount of stress is healthy, chronic stress usually leads to negative behavioral, mental, and physical outcomes. The amount of homework being assigned to students is a lot – instead of the homework being productive and helping the students learn new things, it becomes the root cause of chronic stress in them.

Final Word

It is clear that students that are overloaded with loads of homework experience extreme levels of stress that lead to physical problems such as headaches, sweating, exhaustion, sleeping difficulties, stomach problems, etc. Moreover, they develop a general lack of balance in their lives and they can’t keep up with school, family, and friends. However, there are a few ways for mitigating the stress due to excessive workload in college. You can reduce and regulate the levels of stress by taking help from your peers, making schedules and pre-planning tasks, allowing yourself breathing space in the form of rewards and breaks, etc.

Here’s to a stress-free, safe, and healthy you!

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