28th Nov2020

How Slot Games Have Evolved Over the Past 20 Years

by James Smith

Anyone who has been a long time player of slot games will have seen a big change in the type of games that we have available to us. The big reason for this has been thanks to an advancement in the online casinos that we all use to play the games. These have allowed for far more complex games to be played, and those who are using mobile technology to play can also get involved, thanks to big advancements in the mobile industry.

Those who are brand new to slot gaming have a service on offer that is as good as anything we have ever seen in the past, and in many respects a lot better. Here we take a look at some of the different areas in which we have seen a huge improvement for slot gaming.

Game Themes

Game themes are incredibly important for new players, these are the first thing to attract new players. When you take advantage of a casino welcome offer, you can experiment with different games and try out some of the themes on offer.

Some of these are given to players as a free spin no deposit bonus, meaning you don’t need to put down any of your own cash to try out the games on offer with free spins.
The chances are when you take offers like this one and head into your new casino, you have a rough idea what type of slot game you want to play. Don’t be afraid to experiment though, and look out for games you are familiar with.

For example, if you see a game licensed by a TV show or film you like, give it a go, or a sports theme if you like sports. Those who see TV themed slots but haven’t seen the show can check out the latest TV reviews to see if it is something they would like.

Features & Bonus Games

Gone are the days where casino games are simple and just a case of spinning the reels and sometimes using nudges to get a winning line. Now we see complex games and a big part of that is the features these games have, and the bonus games which you can try your luck on.

This is a battle between the developers. They all want to make the biggest and best game possible, and the way to do that is to pack it full of features that players are going to love.

On top of this, further games add even more excitement, so what we will see happen from time to time is that a specific feature will unlock a bonus game to play.
There is a lot more to casino gaming than spinning reels now, which is what keeps bringing people back for more.

Progressive Jackpots

The final aspect to touch on is progressive jackpots. These have really come to life, and they give any casino gamer the chance to win a huge, life changing amount of money.
The jackpots on offer are set at a fixed amount at the start, and then increase when people play them. As more people play, the jackpot rises further until someone is lucky enough to win.

Some of the biggest out there are seven figure sums, and on rare occasions these have gone through to be eight figure sums.
People want the chance to change their life, it is why things such as lotteries in many countries around the world are so popular. Slots have advanced enough to give people the chance to do this via slot gaming.

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