25th Nov2020

Which games actually improve your brainpower?

by James Smith

As all nerds have known for a long time now, gaming is actually good for you. The problem before has been that the rest of the world was slow to admit the fact! It is now accepted though that playing games can really help you improve key skills which can, in turn, enhance your career prospects or personal development. Improving brainpower is one positive benefit which many have attributed to gaming in recent times. This is a great thing as a more agile brain with a better capacity is something we could all use in our lives.

Of course, some games are better for doing this than others. Choosing what to play is therefore crucial to get the maximum boost for your brain. But which should you try?

Online Casino Games

If you are looking for the best games to give your brainpower a real boost, online casinos are ideal. Part of the reason internet casinos are so popular now is the mix of strategy and thought that so many of the games pack in. Poker is a classic example and can be found at every online casino. Not only is this a game of deep thinking and strategic moves, but it also involves quick decision making and using your memory to recall hand values.

When you do all this regularly when playing, it really gives your brain a workout! It is not just poker either – online casino games like blackjack or baccarat also help. If you fancy trying this for yourself, head to Gambling Metropolis today – it brings the best internet casino sites to choose from together in one place.

Civilisation IV

As we have mentioned already, playing the right games can also really help boost your brainpower and your ability to think rationally. A great example of this is Civilisation IV from Firaxis Games. It is the latest version of what many rank as the top strategy franchise of all time. The basic aim is to become ruler of the whole world through taking your civilization to dominance in the space age.

From using your brain to decide when is the right time for diplomacy to taking on the computer-controlled AI, it will help you boost your logic and reasoning over time. If you also download the Maya and Gran Colombia packs for Civilisation IV, then it is even more engaging to play.


When it comes to top video games which can help you think more clearly and decisively, Minecraft is worth a look. First published in 2009 before a wider 2011 release, this open-world romp is much deeper in terms of gameplay than it looks. It is a great example of a game which can actually help develop lots of skills, from better spatial awareness to social skills if you play online with others.

Of course, it is also great for the little grey cells too! Minecraft gives you free reign to do as you please – which means you have to spend time thinking about what to do, how to do it and how it will all work together. It also helps to improve your ability to solve puzzles in a dynamic setting.

Online Sudoku

A classic brain training puzzle is Sudoku – and you can now enjoy this as an online game. Many people love to log on each day and try a new puzzle or two to stay sharp mentally. It has also been found that a daily Sudoku puzzle can keep your brain young. But how does it do this?

Many point to the timed element that many online Sudoku puzzles have and how this forces you to think quickly under pressure. This online game also has a large memory element to it which is great for keeping your brain fully functioning. Of course, Sudoku also has a big dollop of strategy and critical analysis, which is also superb for boosting your brains power.

Want To Ramp Your Brainpower Up? Try Gaming!

We have many key organs in our body, but our brain is surely one of the most important. Without a fully functioning brain, you will not be able to think, reason, make decisions, remember information or even speak. It is therefore essential to not only keep it healthy but also improve its power over time. As the above shows, online games and video games can really help do this. The added bonus is that you will have great fun as you go!

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