25th Nov2020

Esports growth continues ahead of new console releases to bolster industry further

by James Smith

The remarkable growth of the gaming industry continues, with the COVID lockdowns further enhancing this, as online entertainment now becomes more important than ever. This has seen a continued rise in numbers across all areas of the industry and this does not appear likely to slow down anytime soon. Offers are an example of this, such as those found here – https://your-promotional-code.co.uk/paddypower-promo-code/. These have further enhanced the overall experience and popularity in areas of the gambling side of the gaming market and further helped with the rise of numbers. It has all resulted in one of the fastest growing and successful industries today, which shows just how far gaming has come, as we see changes in the usual demographic of players world-wide.

This growth has also followed into the competitive side of gaming and Esports. Something that is now equalling and even surpassing many sports around the world for viewers. One of the leading games for popularity in eSports is League of Legends, which has continued to break records most recently. This came at the recent world finals in Shanghai, with high expectations of new records to be broken, based on the success of the 2019 edition of the tournament. Many streaming platforms have also helped this rise, with the long-standing Twitch being key but YouTube has been the rising force and led with over two million concurrent viewers on the final’s day.

YouTube is now leading to a more casual viewership joining the eSports, which is only going to help with this continued rise in popularity. Alongside Twitch, it is a market that will flourish and prosper moving forward. These additional numbers are also being seen due to events being cancelled and fans having to simply watch them online, as they are unable to spectate live. It may also be some time until we see fans being able to attend matches, similar to what we are seeing in sport and it continues to take place behind closed doors. Many big events have already been moved to next year, such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and the upcoming DoTA2 The International.

To further bolster the gaming industry further is the recent releases of the new Xbox and PlayStation. Much conversation has already been made about the PS5 and Xbox Series X and which will win the next-gen console race. Both appear much improved on previous releases and are expected to take the gaming experience to the next level. Each have been released before Christmas, so it will be a fascinating duel to see which proves to be the most popular amongst gaming fans. Looking at previous console sales, the PS4 has sold 112.4 million and the Xbox one just 52.8 million, so will this trend continue for PlayStation.


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