23rd Nov2020

‘Werewolf’ DVD Review

by Kevin Haldon

Stars: Sonia Mietielica, Kamil Polnisiak, Nicolas Przygoda | Written and Directed by Adrian Panek

Talk about a massive case of false advertising… I was hoping for Dog Soldiers with holocaust survivors, not really what we got with Werewolf (aka Wilkolak) though.

What we do get is a group of kids who have been liberated from a Nazi concentration camp, who end up in a run down mansion somewhere in the woods. Now they find themselves captive again as they fight off starvation and thirst while outside the doors are a pack of vicious German soldier eating dogs. The kids must fight for survival from the beasts outside but could there be a threat within their group yet to rear its head…

Yes, you read that right my good friends… Vicious dogs! Not werewolves (or wilkolak) but angry as hell Alsatians. To say I was a tad upset at this revelation would be an understatement, I was absolutely game for Nazi werewolves chasing these kids around the woods and was sold on that concept. Having said that there is a pretty good movie here.

I can’t say I loved Werewolf if I’m honest but it wasn’t terrible. The child actors are all pretty good and do well enough to keep you interested. The evil little turd called Wladek (Kamil Polnisiak) was the shining light of the flick and elevated the tension to a much higher level than expected leaving my skin crawling a bit, not really knowing what he is thinking.

Werewolf seems to be enjoying some success on the festival circuit and rightly so because the things that Adrian Panek gets right are truly great. The intensity and tension of a lot of these scenes are something else, add to this the real world time period setting that lurks in the background and you have a pretty suspense filled thriller here. Only slightly above average for my tastes, it was decent but I really wanted Nazi werewolves.

*** 3/5

Werewolf will be available on DVD, Digital and Blu-ray on December 1st 2020.


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