13th Nov2020

‘Complacent’ VOD Review

by Kevin Haldon

Stars: Elisa Donovan, Kerri Green, Joey Kern, Keir O’Donnell, Cerina Vincent | Written and Directed by Steven R. Monroe

Let’s just take a second to go around the table and play “Oh hey’ that’s that person from that film that came out that year…” First up we have Elisa Donovan, remember her? She was Amber in Clueless, the movie and TV show… Then Kerri Green, you know Andy from The Goonies, the one that kissed Sean Astin by accident… Who remembers that one asshole from Cabin Fever, he was last one standing because he only drank beer (Joey Kern)… Oh snap is that the rookie/baddie from Paul Blart Mall Cop? Yup that’s Keir O’Donnell… Who remembers the Yellow Ranger from Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy, oh and also Cabin Fever, Cerina Vincent? You guessed it, she’s in this movie… I seem to have forgotten what my point was to this opening. I guess I’m being somewhat Complacent. Hahaha see what I did there?.

Complacent is a very real look at the lives of a group of friends (who you probably won’t care about) who on the face of it look like they have it all wired and they are living their best lives. That is until we get a deeper look into things and not only do the cracks in their lives start to show but we begin to see that you never truly know what’s happening in your friends lives. Centered primarily on Maya (Vincent) and Beth (Green) two sisters with very opposing views and strengths. Maya has recently got her life back after leaving her husband while Beth is trapped in an abusive Relationship. The two are trying to support each other navigate their lives (kind of) while the lives of their friends around them are falling apart. All the while trying to convince the viewer why you should give a crap.

Ahhh, that was my point up top in my opener… This movie tackles and deals with a fair few subjects in one go. Spousal abuse, job loss, miscarriages, divorce, vegetarians, murder, affairs and straight up sh*t-baggery which is absolutely fine if your going to hire actors that can make me care about these situations. Here we have a group of faces that yes, admittedly I recognise them, but they couldn’t land a connection from me. I don’t put all the blame on them though, the writing is superbly cliche and the soundtrack is manipulative at best.

Cerina Vincent is far and away the star of this movie, she truly is fantastic considering the bland cliched dialogue she has to work with. I usually like Keir O’Donnell but here is a man going through a slow agonising mental break and he is doing Nothing, you could say “that’s the point” but I would say back “you need to be quiet, good sir”.

Complacent opens with a conversation about women getting pregnant, one of them does but she loses it and the movie flat out tells us it doesn’t want to talk about it (it’s the mother contracting cancer in The Room all over again) and we are told this with an actual line of dialogue which is bullsh*t because it was the most interesting thing to happen in that 20 minute block of film. Its almost as if director Steven R. Monroe knew these were some of the most unlikable characters and nobody would really care.

Am I being to harsh here?. There are some okay moments some nice plot beats but they were not hitting that hard for me; mainly because that opening sequence told me that all these people are just beige (that is literally the most descriptive word I could come up with) and they are gonna spend 1 hour 45 minutes convincing you they are nice people. Oh apart from that one guy, he is a grade A sh*t house.

I didn’t hate Complacent though. It was pretty well made for movie made in 2012 being released in 2020. They are passable performances in a very very middle of the road movie. If you have nothing else to watch and just want something on in the background then I would say you could do worse. I would recommend St Elmo’s Fire instead though. In the last 10 minutes the film tried to do something… but it was to late!

** 2/5

Complacent is available On Demand from Amazon, Apple, Google, Mtonomy, VUDU and other On Demand platforms now.


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