09th Sep2020

Looking to Join an Online Casino? 5 Tips to Keep You Safe

by James Smith

Online casinos are a great way to enjoy some harmless gambling without having to go anywhere. Especially in 2020, with many areas of the world still battling with the Covid-19 pandemic and restrictions to prevent the spread, finding ways to stay at home has never been more prominent. For those who used to love heading to the casino periodically for a fun night out, doing so may not feel comfortable anymore. That is why online casinos are something worth looking at.

Although the online casino keeps you safe at your home, it does come with a unique set of risks. If you do not pay close attention to the sites you use, you could find yourself falling victim to an illegitimate online casino. We have five tips that will help keep you safe so you can enjoy an online casino.

Look for Their Licensing

Legitimate online casinos will have a license to operate and will publicly display it on their website. When looking for a place to gamble, this should be your first step – checking their licensing and that it is authentic. To help save you some time, here is a list of online casinos in the UK that you could consider enjoying.

Read the Fine Print

First, the online casino should have an agreement for you to sign before you can begin. When you reach that point, avoid simply scrolling to the bottom and clicking agree.
As tedious as it is to read through the terms of the agreement, it’s important that you take the time actually to read it. You’re dealing with real money in an online casino. Doing what you can to keep your money safe will help you feel comfortable to enjoy the experience.

Try the Trial Period First

Many online casinos offer a trial period before signing up. You don’t have to put in any money to try it out, but that also means you won’t get to withdraw anything either. However, these trial periods allow you to test out the casino to see if you enjoy it enough to start using your real money.

Check the Payment Security

An online casino takes in payments and sends out deposits regularly. Again, because it works with real money from real people, the encryption level for withdrawals and deposits is crucial. Most websites that require payment will use SSL encryption for security. Other points to note for payment security is what the online casino all accepts. Legitimate companies will likely accept major credit cards and third-party payment like PayPal. Because those companies have their additional security, if what you’re looking at doesn’t use them, it could be a red flag.

Customer Support

A legitimate and safe online casino should have customer support available at any time. Whether it’s through telephone, email, or online chat, having access to customer support is essential is you have any questions or concerns. Not offering this is, again, another red flag.

With so many online casino options available, it can get tricky trying to determine which are worth your time. Use the above points to help weed out any that could cause you issues. When in doubt, trust your gut. If it doesn’t feel right, move on to a different one.

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