31st Aug2020

Frightfest 2020: ‘Blind’ Review

by Kevin Haldon

Stars: Sarah French, Caroline Williams, Jed Rowen, Tyler Gallant, Jessica Galetti | Written by Joe Knetter | Directed by Marcel Walz

After botched laser eye surgery treatment, actress Faye completely loses her vsion and is trying to get used to life in the dark. We find Faye attending support groups and making visually impaired freinds who are helping her deal with things. She’s also falling for the leader of the support group, Luke, who is a mute and can only communicate through his mobile. We are going to spend the day/night with Faye as she learns she may not be as alone in the house as she thinks.

I am skipping straight to end with this review because, honestly, Blind is pretty average, not amazing but good enough to rave about either. However… Sarah French is absolutely brilliant in the lead role and holds this film up on her shoulders aloine. She has this quiet understated strength to her, even thought she is playing a vunerable role. Marcel Walz’s movie runs along at a slow and steady pace and the suspenseful tense moments are done to great effect ,making good use of what is easily one of your better eerie creepy killer guises. There are some pretty cool performances from some familiar faces too but these were not strong enough alone to pull up the boot straps. Some good work is done here – there’s just some questionable choices along the way.

However my main issue with Blind was that I had no real reference as to why Faye was being stalked; other than because she is a celebrity, Maybe? Now yes, I am fully aware this might be on me as the viewer but it just wasn’t overly clear to me. This could also be because our director is setting up a franchise and doesnt want to give away the entire meal, but again I dont really know. On the director, Marcel Walz (Seed 2, Rootwood), it may seem like I am being harsh on hima dn his film but I do want it to be said that I can see something here, the director and lead actress Sarah French seem to really understand the character and the motivations; and Marcel clearly knows how to craft a good looking movie – seriously, there are some great scene frames that would serve as a poster – and build up the tension, for me it’s the dialogue, it is ropey and in some cases, especially with the supporting roles, just not well delivered.

Blind is a very passable thriller, I would definitely recommend you see the film, but it’s maybe not my strongest recommendation – perhaps opne to catch on a streaming service in the fiuture. There is enough here for people to enjoy, it’s just not up to the standard I was hoping. I will be checking out more of Marcel Walzs work going forward though and I do hope Blind finds an appreciative audience on release.

Blind screened at this years Frightfest Digital Edition on Saturday August 29th.


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