25th Aug2020

WWE Raw – August 24th 2020: Results & Review

by Nathan Favel

Welcome to this week’s WWE Monday Night Raw review, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and we’ve got the fallout from SummerSlam, with Randy Orton ju…ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Okay, we’re gonna get through this.

Match #1: Shayna Baszler def. Bayley (Disqualification)

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Shayna Baszler was focused on making a case for a SmackDown Women’s Title opportunity, but Nia Jax helped her enter another championship picture. Following a backstage encounter, Jax entered after Baszler and watched from the WWE ThunderDome. A big knee strike from The Queen of Spades shook up Bayley and had her teammate Sasha Banks uneasy on the outside. Unable to help herself, Jax entered the fray and got brutal payback for Baszler’s backstage taunts with a huge right hand. “The Golden Role Models” found perhaps their first moment of joy since a turbulent SummerSlam as they watched. Eventually, Baszler and Jax separated and turned their attention to the exiting Women’s Tag Team Champions. The ensuing staredown showed that perhaps the two red brand Superstars could find a common goal in hunting down the champions.

My Opinion: 2.8 out of 5 – This was kept small and short, but the taste of what the match can be under better circumstances was delicious. Shayna and Bayley worked well together, but you almost wouldn’t know it, because of how short the whole thing was.

Match #2: Akira Tozawa def. R-Truth, Shelton Benjamin, Cedric Alexander – Fatal Four Way Match For The 24/7 Championship Match

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R-Truth, Cedric Alexander, Shelton Benjamin and Akira Tozawa all jumped into the fray early in the Fatal 4-Way Match for the 24/7 Title. As the action heated up, the ninjas entered the fray and held down Benjamin to help Tozawa reclaim the title. The Hurt Business member went ballistic after the loss and began tossing the ninjas throughout the ring area, but the chaos allowed Tozawa to quickly escape with the title under his arm.

My Opinion: 1.8 out of 5 – This match tried, but it never had a chance to go very far, like me when I don’t put gas in my car!

Match #3: Montez Ford def. Angel Garza

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The stunning Demi Burnett accompanied Angel Garza to the ring, and the WWE ThunderDome date had Raw’s lothario feeling good early. Garza took the fight to Montez Ford, but when Ivar swooped in in the middle of the match to woo Burnett with a turkey leg, Garza’s focus strayed from the task at hand. As an enraged Garza went off-kilter, Ford channeled the Mamba Mentality with a jaw-dropping aerial display to get the win.

My Opinion: 2.6 out of 5 – This was just a few minutes, but it was a fun few minutes.

Match #4: Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan and Bianca Belair def. Zelina Vega and The IIconics

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The Riott Squad and The IIconics continued their rivalry in the ring, and this time, Bianca Belair and Zelina Vega entered the fray. The EST of WWE put on an impressive display in the ring and paid homage to the legendary Beth Phoenix with a Glam Slam to Vega. After the pin was broken up, Belair moved forward undeterred and finished off Vega with one more vicious slam.

My Opinion: 2.2 out of 5 – There was some very nice spots from Vega and Ruby here, but the rest of the match was just humdrum.

Match #5: Randy Orton def. Keith Lee (Disqualification)

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The Legend Killer met the next generation, as Randy Orton and Keith Lee squared off in The Limitless One’s Raw debut. As Orton addressed the WWE Universe after two earlier kicks to the skull to Drew McIntyre, Lee stood up to The Viper and set out to defend McIntyre’s honor with a challenge to Orton. The red brand newcomer shocked The Apex Predator by effortlessly catching a punch and then effortlessly tossing Orton with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. As the intensity ratcheted up, McIntyre unbelievably came back in a fury after two earlier kicks to the skull from Orton. The WWE Champion’s presence sent Orton scrambling and ended Lee’s Raw debut prematurely.

My Opinion: 2.6 out of 5 – This was a taste of the goods, but the goods got tossed out before you could finish the nibble.

Match #6: Asuka def. Sasha Banks – Lumberjack Match For The RAW Women’s Championship

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One night after Asuka reclaimed the Raw Women’s Title, Sasha Banks returned to the red brand for a rematch. The showdown was announced as a Lumberjack Match as Superstars lined the ring area. When Asuka sent The Boss flying with an early attack, Bayley tried to protect a recovering Banks, as Shayna Baszler approached with a menacing glare. Banks worked her way back into the action and flipped the champion outside the ring, allowing Bayley to take advantage of her Lumberjack position to inflict damage on behalf of her friend. A skyscraping frogsplash by Banks nearly returned the title to The Boss, but Asuka kicked out at the last second. Moments later, Baszler attacked the SmackDown Women’s Champion to provide a distraction, and The Empress of Tomorrow used the opportunity to hook in an Asuka Lock and once again forced Banks to tap.

My Opinion: 3.4 out of 5 – This went less than ten minutes when it should have gone longer. The action was fine, but it got stopped and started too often by the lumberjacks. Once again, these two worked well together, but didn’t get to show off their skills very much…damn it.

Match #7: (Main Event) Seth Rollins and Murphy vs. Rey and Dominik Mysterio (No Contest)

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Dominik impressed in his SummerSlam debut, but the job was far from over. Rey Mysterio joined his son for a tag team showdown with Seth Rollins & Murphy in another attempt at payback. In the highlight of the match, the father-son duo teamed up for a double-619. Dominik climbed to the top turnbuckle ready to earn a piece of payback with a win. At that moment, RETRIBUTION ended their absence and began brutally attacking the Mysterios. As Raw went off the air, the mysterious group looked over the battered father and son, as The Monday Night Messiah and his disciple smirked from the top of the ramp.

My Opinion: 3.3 out of 5 – This was doing fine, but the Beastie Boys attacked everybody and ruined the match. The Mysterios and Duran Duran meshed well in the ring, because they were “Hungry Like A Wolf”. The action was fast and zippy, like me with that dominatrix from Burger King. This was good before it went bad, but it didn’t go that bad either.

News Of The Night:

  1. Keith Lee joined the Raw roster.
  2. Randy Orton attacked Drew McIntyre and put him out for an un-disclosed amount of time.
  3. Sasha Banks and Bayley are being teased to split even more.
  4. Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax will challenge for the WWE Women’s Tag Titles at Payback.
  5. Keith Lee fights Randy Orton at Payback.

Final Verdict: 2/5

This was shit. The matches were all short and the angles, while fine, were still weak. Well, I’m pissed.

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    Aleister Black attacked Kevin Owens on his talk show while the former saw the video of being jabbed in the one too many times.