23rd Aug2020

The Best Men’s Chain Necklaces and Pendants For 2020

by James Smith

The modern man can wear a chain or pendant around the neck without causing so much fuss. Designers are picking up the demand for men’s chains and necklaces. In the market, you will find all kinds of neck accessories to choose from if you are a man. However, it would help if you chose well, as this will determine your style. For instance, the chain necklace has been a masculine accessory for a long time. The item allows one to showcase their individuality while also showing an appreciation for current trends. It can also have sentimental value, depending on how you attained it. Some different styles and brands constitute the best chains and pendants for men this year. They are discussed below.

The most common style of chains is the gold and silver chain. These kinds of chains, especially the large ones, are synonymous with rappers. However, the ordinary individual should avoid considering such oversized items. Select the thinner and more understated designs. When selecting according to color, choose the best quality. This ensures a richness and depth to your ornament. The best color for men’s chains is silver. Still, if you want a chain that will last long, go for the sterling silver.

The best chain in times of size is one with a thickness of two to six millimeters and a length of 18 to 22 inches. This is the best size for a chain without a pendant. It falls just below the collar bone. It is also simple and elegant. If you are looking for jewelry, go for a slightly longer chain. It should be at least 25 inches. This length will finish right in the middle of your chest. A pendant is not standard with men when compared to the chan. However, it signifies your attachment to something personal. It shows you’re your need to self-express. There are a variety of icons to choose from. So, do not be afraid to shop for pendants.

When it comes to brands, the foremost brand is Thomas Sabo. Their pieces are of high quality. Their array of skull necklaces are the epitome of good design. The chains are customarily made with blackened sterling silver, which adds an edge to your everyday look. Another brand that produces one of the best chains for men is Miansai. They are also known for their beaded bracelets. The chains are meticulously crafted using premium material. They also have pendants that are mainly inspired by the sea. Therefore, you will often find Miansai pendants with anchors, marine links, and lobster claws.

Another suitable brand is Le Gramme. Also, it is the best brand for those seeking minimalist pendant pieces. Le Gramme designers rely on 925 silver, ruthenium, and yellow gold. The designs are also unique. To add personality to their work, the artists engrave each piece they make with their stamp and the weight and serial number. These additional details signify the brand’s composition and origin. Another leading brand specializing in pendants for men is Ambush. This brand promotes creativity and innovation through their pieces. The brand also creates unisex designs that have a unique Tokyo aesthetic. Their pieces are so unique they sell out almost immediately they are released. So, I would recommend an Ambush necklace for any man who can get it.

An emerging and suave brand is the Daniella Draper. This is a must-wear for any man who remains fashionable. If you are looking to introduce a new style into your jewelry collection, go for the Daniella Draper necklace. The brand produces delicate pendants, which are unlike traditional aggressive men’s pieces. For instance, their Silver Midi Feather necklace is meant to channel wisdom, peace, and freedom.

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