17th Aug2020

How to Know if a Game is Right for You Before You Pay to Play

by James Smith

There are so many new games constantly being released, and we always need to make sure that we have found the right ones before committing our money to them. Games can be very expensive, no matter what platform they might be for. Let’s take a look at some of the ways to work out which game is right for you before you pay for it.

Have You Played Others in the Series?

Many software developers focus their time on making a whole game series instead of just individual installments. If you have played one of these prior installments and enjoyed it, there is a strong chance that you will know what the basic mechanics are like already. This then puts you in a fantastic position to try the new one when it is launched. It is unlikely that a company would change a game’s major mechanics before releasing the next title. You can expect some things to be different and hopefully improved upon, but the core mechanics should always be the same. You might be willing to jump into something new and try a game from a developer that you have never tried. If the mechanics are familiar to you from other games, there is a high chance that you will enjoy this one. It is unlikely to be as much of a risk compared to a game that is wholly new to you.

Can You Find It for Free?

Some games offer you the chance to play a free version before you commit to a paid one. This will give you just a sliver of the full weight of the game, but you could still get to know much of what makes this game series so great in the first place. Some free bonuses are a limited amount of real gameplay, others might be the opening chapters of the game first.

With the former, a little prize such as a non sticky bonus might be exactly the right thing you need to discover if a slot game or something similar is the right one for you. Since these are often pay to play, you want to make sure you get your money’s worth even before you spin. With the latter, you often find free trials attached to easy-going hidden objects or time management games. These serve to give you just a taste of what is to come, and it is a great way to convince people to buy the title.

Are There Reviews and Previews?

With the most popular games, review codes will be sent out to key critics and influencers before the game releases. As with anything that you could choose to buy, looking at these reviews is a great way to find out what to expect. The first place you can choose to look is the professional critics. There are obviously plenty of reviewers all across the internet and traditional media who review games. While they can be a great starting place, it is important to remember that their scoring rubrics can be a little clumsy and so should only be used as a rough guide.

The other great place to look is the previews and honest reviews of influencers and gamer gurus. They are often giving access to games before launch and they can provide some great insight into how a game works before you look into it yourself. Different people do different things. Some will go for a detailed analysis of the game and its capabilities. Others will try to have a little fun and might even look for exploits and ways to break the game that the developers might have missed. Checking out what either of them has to say could be a brilliant move as you try to decide if it is the right title for you.

What Do Other Players Think?

Is there a way for you to discuss this game for other players? No matter what genre of game you like to play, there will be a forum dedicated to it somewhere that can give you some amazing information about the game. These forums allow players to come together and ask questions about the games. Whether they need advice on how to pass a certain level or they just want to discuss their love for the game, there is always something to look at in these games. You can also gain far more from forums than you might think. These are active communities that you can throw yourself into, and they can provide a great place for you to hang out online. Don’t be afraid to make an account and post a little yourself. You could make some fantastic digital friendships in addition to finding out more about this game that you are curious about.

Find the Right Game for You Now!

There are so many games out there for you to explore, and with many of them costing a fair bit of money, it is always worth it to find the right game for you before you pay for it. Start with your own likes and dislikes, and then move on to many of the resources available online that could help you find the perfect new title. With their help, you should hopefully be able to find a whole collection of new games to try that you know will be great long before you actually commit to paying for them.

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