17th Aug2020

‘Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout’ – The new game taking the world by storm!

by James Smith

The new craze in the gaming world that seems to be attracting more and more players as the months goes on is Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Since the release of the hugely popular Fortnite, gaming has never been the same since. The battle royal effect has now landed on virtually every game since the game mode has been so effective and Fall Guys is no different – just without the guns and combat.

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Most games played takes a bit of getting used to, a couple of hours to ease into it and find out if it’s a good game for you and whether you are going to like it long term; this isn’t the case with Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. It takes less than a minute to realise just how fun it is, especially if played in a party with friends. To sum the game up in a short phrase would be – last man standing battle royal for the cartoon Olympics.

Fall Guys is a battle royale game like no other in which up to 60 players represented as cartoon’s battle it out to walk away with the Fall Guys’ covered crown, and the stress that it puts upon you to be able to get down to the final one really makes the win that ever more satisfying. The nicest thing about this game is that it has anything but guns and grenades, in fact all that this game is, is colourful games that are fun and hilarious that can be played for hours.

Ultimately, if you want some easy yet competitive fun witih your friends on a game in which never seems to get boring, especially until you’ve got your first win, then Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout may be the game for you and your friends.

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