11th Jun2020

Trailer & Poster for pandemic horror ‘Quarantine Girl’

by Phil Wheat

The shorts and films made whilst the world is/was in lockdown are slowly making their way to the screens of audiences looking to make sense of the situation and see other people’s takes on quarantine. The latest indie film, shot safely during the current pandemic, to be announced is Quarantine Girl, which sees a woman’s mental state deteriorate as she isolates herself during an epidemic.

Starring Nicole D’Angelo, Shane Ryan, Lisa London, Craijece Danielle, Chris Spinelli, David Marc and Mark Erwin Galang, Quarantine Girl was written and co-directed by its star Nicole D’Angelo, alongside Gregory Hatanaka (Samurai Cop 2, Choke). The film is expected to be released at the end of the month by Cinema Epoch – in the meantime check out the trailer and poster below:


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