04th Jun2020

What to Look for in a Good Mobile Casino Platform

by James Smith

There are so many online casinos available right now, meaning players have more choice than ever before. This also makes the online casino industry very competitive, as marketing teams invest large sums to promote their sites in an attempt to attract new players and beat the competition.

Online casinos have now gone mobile. With smartphones driving the majority of online traffic, players are swapping their desktop for on the go action. This means that online casinos must adapt to the change or they will risk being left behind.

There are all sorts of features and functions to look out for when choosing a mobile casino, but here the most important.

1. Design

As noted by Animation Xpress, the overall design of a mobile casino is so important. It’s what gives players their first impression of what they can expect – will it offer something completely new and innovative or is it just another run of the mill online casino? That’s what they want to know.

It’s up to the casino to decide whether they want to use a design that has proven to work or go for something new and cutting-edge to surprise players. But no matter what is decided, here are a couple of rules to help you know if the design is worthy of your time:

  • The website and all of the games are quick to load. This goes for any region a player accesses the casino.
  • Players should be able to see where they can log in and deposit funds. These buttons should appear on more than just the home page.
  • It should be easy to register with the mobile casino.
  • All games should be easy to navigate. For example, there could be a sorting feature that categorizes games by developer, type, ease of play, popularity or density.
  • The mobile casino’s home page should be interactive to show that it’s active and players are winning right now. For example, it could show some of the most recent winners, the biggest payouts or how the top prize in a progressive jackpot it building.
  • The mobile casino should show all relevant licenses, certifications and partnerships. This shows players that the mobile casino can be trusted, helping to build a reputation. Any mobile casino that does not display any of these should be avoided.

2. Game Variety

Players appreciate a good range of games to play on a mobile casino, even if they stick to the most popular versions. From a casino’s point of view, the more games they can offer, the bigger the audience they can attract.

Look for games provided by NetEnt, Microgaming and Amatic as these are some of the biggest casino game providers in the world. This means the mobile casino you’re viewing is more likely to be trustworthy. Other providers like Rival Gaming and Pragmatic Play are newer providers, developing innovative features for modern casinos, so have a look for them if you’re after a fresh casino experience.

3. Several Payment Methods

Similar to game variety, mobile casinos should have a range of payment methods. Again, this adds to the casino’s reputation. The most common options include credit and debit cards, digital wallets like Neteller and Skrill and bank transfers. Of course, the number of payment options could be limited by the region you’re accessing the casino from.

4. Withdrawals Are Easy

This is another really important thing to look for in a good mobile casino platform. The faster a casino can process your withdrawal, the more you can trust them. In the eyes of the casino, the quicker they can process your withdrawal, the more likely you will come back.

Avoid casinos that require you to complete various documents without having a valid reason, or those that delay paying out. There are plenty of review websites online so check them out if you are unsure.

That said, some casinos carry out Know Your Customer (KYC) checks which are standard procedures. These are put in place in your favor to prevent fraud.

5. Live Chat Support

Live chat support is the fastest way you can have your queries answered about the mobile casino. The feature is usually available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so there is always someone at hand to help no matter the time of day.

Live chat customer support should be helpful and friendly. If they don’t seem like they want to help out, or they take a while to respond, it’s probably not an establishment that takes pride in the way they treat customers.

6. Great Bonuses And Promotions

As mentioned on OnlineCasinoGems.com, mobile casinos always have some form of bonus or promotion available. These include deposit bonuses and free spins to enhance your experience. The most attractive offers are usually presented on the casino’s homepage.

Just make sure that you pay attention to the terms and conditions, particularly the wagering requirements. Some providers may require you wager hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in order to claim your winnings, so know what you’re signing up to before taking advantage of these promotions.


Mobile casinos share many similarities with traditional desktop online casinos. However, with mobile play being so popular, casinos must have these techniques in place in order to thrive in such a competitive industry.

While some, if not all the criteria set out above may seem a bit obvious, you’ll be surprised by the number of mobile casinos that don’t factor them all in. Those that fail to meet the majority should be avoided at all costs, while those that fail to meet just one should be treated with caution. At the end of the day, you want to be playing in the safest environment possible.

Don’t be afraid to compromise. Playing at a mobile casino is a lot of fun, but you’re putting yourself and your funds at risk if you aren’t careful about where you play. If you are on the fence, as mentioned earlier, check out what previous customers have said about it before. This will help make your decision a lot easier.

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