04th Jun2020

Seven Comic Books that deal with Artificial Intelligence

by James Smith

Ever received a comic book from one of those quarterly book subscriptions only for you to flip through it, admiring the stunning artwork just to put it aside after a few minutes? Well, then you should really give comic books that deal with AI a chance and you will probably change your tune.

Everyone is obsessed with AI these days. The limitless imagination that was once confined to the pages of a comic book has become a bottomless well of inspiration for countless industries from medicine to military research. We are now living in the age of AI.

The cutting-edge science and otherworldly devices that were the stuff of science fiction and make belief can no longer be considered pure fiction. That’s why the world is more obsessed than ever with the rise of iconic superheroes that have helped to fuel the unprecedented success of AI-inspired movies at the box office. And don’t even get us started on the fan conventions that have blown up over the last few decades.

AI is still a mysterious topic but it is no longer a foreign one; and comic books have played a huge role in making this a reality. Comic books have always included sentient AI as characters in their stories. AI superheroes have stood and fought against villains of injustice for decades and they show no signs of slowing down.

If you love comic books and AI, you will love both of these things together. Here are 7 comic books that deal with artificial intelligence that you can sink your teeth into:


As far as supervillains go, it doesn’t get any more malicious than Ultron. A brainchild of Marvel Comics, Ultron is the most recognized nemesis of the Avengers group as well as his creator Hank Pym. Ultron was the first villain in Marvel Comics to wield the metal allow adamantium, so he is sort of revered and respected in equal measure in the underworld. Ultron was originally designed by Pym as an AI peacekeeper. His primary object was to protect the earth from any and all alien and domestic threats. However, all this changed when Ultron quickly realized that humanity itself is the greatest threat to peace


Not many people need an introduction to the Transformers franchise today. The Transformers history enjoys a long and illustrious history in the world of comic books; it goes as far back as the start of Marvel Comics.

This is how the story goes: for centuries in the techno-organic plant known as Cybertron, war continues to rage on. The battle is between 2 main factions; the compassionate and peace-loving Autobots who are under the leadership of the mighty Optimus Prime; and the militaristic and malevolent Decepticons, who are led by the feared and hated Megatron. This battle has continued in deep space for centuries, but it has somehow found its way to planet earth. What are the robots to do? Disguise themselves and live among the humans as the battle between the Autoboots and Decepticons continues of course!


A DC Comics offering, Skeets is a fictional AI robot from the future and one of Booster Gold’s closest friends. When Booster arrived in the 20th century from the 25th, he arrived together with Skeets, the floating space robot from the museum where Booster stole his famed costume.

Skeet’s primary job is to assist Booster by providing him with information whenever he needs it. He also performs commands to Booster’s gear and costume. But Booster isn’t just a butler- he is also equipped with several powerful concealed weapons, the most notable of which is the energy blaster. Although these weapons come in handy, Skeets’ real power lies in his ability to recall or provide historical knowledge in an instant. This means that Booster is always notified before important events take place so that he can prepare adequately for them.

The Metal Men

The Metal Men were the scientific creation of well-known scientist William Magnus under DC Comics. The Metal Men were artificially intelligent robots whose primary composition, names, and abilities were based on metals such as platinum, tin, iron, lead, and gold, thus allowing them to enjoy limitless shape-shifting capabilities. Extremely intelligent and possessing human-like personalities, the strength of this group of superheroes was not the individual powers of the members but rather their combined capabilities as a team, which is something that not even the best books on AI can teach.


Vision was created by Ultron for exacting revenge on the Avengers until he joined the good guys. A great addition to the Avengers team, he has all sorts of superpowers including energy projection, telepathy, and imperceptibility.

The Phalanx

The Phalanx is a group of aliens created by Marvel Comics that go around infecting other species that they encounter with a techno-organic disease that links the victims in a hive mind. They have assimilated technology from as many as 100,000 universes and killed more than 200,000 races. When the Phalanxes conquer a universe, they infect its population and feed off the world until that world’s sources of nutrition and power are depleted. Their mission is to keep conquering the universe until it has been wiped out.


Brainiac is another one of DC Comic’s most well-known supervillains; usually Superman’s biggest adversary after Lex Luthor. He has also been known to sometimes cause trouble for the Justice League. There have been many variations of Brainiac over the years. However, they all share a similar goal- Brainiac is an AI alien that travels across the universe gathering as much information as he can from various planets before destroying them and preserving the miniaturized cities in his spaceship.

Final Thoughts

Convinced that AI isn’t y0our thing but have never actually picked up an AI-inspired comic? Or you have, but what was available at the time can only be classified as uninspired. We are here to tell you that comic books that deal with AI have become a lot more interesting over the past few years as AI continues to blow up.

We live in the comic book age. Owing to a worldwide obsession with all things AI, superheroes movies are enjoyed by millions and may even be the most consumed genre in history. Comic books reflect the tastes and values of the period in which they were made, so it makes sense that why there is a glut of superhero flicks and comics to consume today.

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