29th Apr2020

‘The Insurrection’ VOD Review

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Michael Pare, Wilma Elles, Rebecca Tarabocchia, Joseph Camilleri, Jeanine Harrington, Malorie Glavan, Keely Dervin, John Scuderi, Mike Davis, Tony Jackson, John Ozuna, Woody Clendenen, Dan Scoville, Randy Voris, Aaron Harvey, Bernie Kelly, Danner Boyd, Mike Cendejas, Eric David Tippett, Rebecca Teresia, Angelina Karo | Written and Directed by Rene Perez

The Insurrection tells the story of CEO Joan Schafer, (Wilma Elles) who heads the world’s largest telecommunications company and who is about to expose secrets of how the left wing media uses movies to control the masses at the behest of their deep state overseers in the political arena. As her secrets are revealed through a series of live broadcasts, her former associates send private military contractors to assassinate her. She hires a condemned ex-Commando (Michael Pare) to keep her alive long enough to get her message out to the world…

Wow. Just wow. That was my initial reaction to writer/director Rene Perez’s latest film, The Insurrection.

Billed as the movie Hollywood doesn’t want you to see by the filmmakers due to its anti-woke, anti-sjw stance (apparently), The Insurrection is – right now – a very prescient film that feeds into the conspiracy theories (because there are multiple) that the Covid-19 coronavirus is a man-made virus which is being used to control the population. In the case of The Insurrection, their ‘plague’ is set to be unleashed to install a totalitarian world government, which will control the masses and, more importantly for this film, take awake the rights and freedoms of people across the globe.

Surprisingly within the first, mere minutes, of The Insurrection we get mentions of conspiracies, the illuminati and the control of the masses via banks and class – spilling forth from the mouths of the films characters as if they were everyday, commonly-held beliefs of people. Honestly, it’s hard to tell whether Perez and co. believe these conspiracy theories or they’re just trolling those that do.

At least at first.

It’s clear, as the film goes on, that The Insurrection is something of a satire and commentary on said conspiracies; especially given that everyone plays things TOO straight for this to be anything but. Hey, when a reporter walks out of an interview with Joan after she spouts her “truth” and she’s replaced with a podcaster? Then you KNOW this is a film not to be taken seriously! Though I’m sure some will… Maybe that’s why this film can’t get distribution? Companies are too afraid of stoking the proverbial conspiracy fire?

Yet whilst this is packed with conspiracy theories, The Insurrection is also packed with action. Something writer/director Rene Perez knows how to do on a budget. When we’re not subject to the ramblings of Joan (which, I think, tend to go on a little too long to hold some of the audiences attention), Perez unleashes the kind of gung-ho fight sequences and gun battles that proliferate these kinds of low-budget genre fare.

Though the films best aspect? Honestly? That’s the rantings of Joan as she breaks down Hollywood’s well-worn tropes. Yes she says they’re all part of planned propaganda, but there is an inkling of truth to her comments on movies glamourising aspects of society that really shouldn’t be glamourised, the desensitising of audiences and just how much influence mainstream media does have on the public.

So maybe The Insurrection isn’t that satirical at all? I’ll let you be the judge of that, go check out The Insurrection on Vimeo now.


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