13th Apr2020

‘The Big Show Show: Season 1’ Review (Netflix Original)

by Rhys Payne


Sometimes you just need an escape – and The Big Show Show, being all about fun, is just that. This is not a serious programme filled with hard-hitting drama but instead is a handful of episodes of a comedic, fun, silly, series which is exactly what we need right now in the lockdown we are experiencing.

The important thing I need to state as early as possible (if you don’t already know), is that Paul Wight is a famous wrestler famously known for playing the ‘character’ of Big Show, who – in the years since his debut – has become one of the most iconic wrestlers ever. What is clever is that The Big Show Show developers have clearly kept this in the back of their mind throughout the whole series as Paul Wight/Big Show is playing a “version” of himself. He refers to himself as a Big Show, wrestlers, talks about working with WWE and he plays up on his size multiple times. As this doesn’t require Wright to play a character, he was able to really enjoy the performing – and it’s was clear he (and all other actors) were having fun in the show; something which radiates to every audience member that was watching. It’s an insanely over the top show that, at times, is so cheesy it’s ridiculous but that’s just part of the fun! For example, I never thought I needed a sketch of Big Show playing Elton John but it was a highlight of the entire show for me.

Each episode of The Big Show Show runs only 30-ish minutes, which makes very easy to watch as they are only short and packed full of fun. This makes it a show perfect for binge-watching, even mores considering all the episodes follow on from each other – giving the first season a continuous story running throughout the whole show. It’s a hyper-modern show and also includes many guest appearance including Tan France from Queer Eye and other WWE superstars, which was a fantastic touch!

The Big Show Show is crammed full with relatable and likeable characters starting ,with Big Show himself. He plays a loving and caring father who puts his children first but always seems to make the situation worse, which is for many a classic characteristic of many sitcom [and some might say real life] fathers. Big Show’s on-screen wife is played by Alison Munn who again was clearly enjoying the process of this show. This character is the mother of two (ish) kids who struggles with starting a business alongside other motherly responsibilities. This is only exaggerated when Show debates going back to WWE, leaving her at home alone to look after the kids. A highlight of this character was when she tries to be a cool and trendy friend with her step-daughter and ends up in an extremely sticky situation; and decided in the future she should be a mother first rather than a friend. This moral centre, combined with the fun nature of the series, makes it perfect for the whole family to watch – there is definitely something for all ages.

As Big Show is most known for being a wrestler, wrestling remains at the centre of the whole show. There are references to Mick Foley (both as himself and Mankind) and The Undertaker; Big Show also uses his entrance music from the WWE at certain points in the show. There are also jokes about how a contract signing should work and heel turns, which as a wrestling fan I thoroughly enjoyed. There were also guest appearances from Mick Foley, Rikishi and Mark Henry (where the latter subtly references his old ‘sexual chocolate’ gimmick) it was great to see these legendary wrestlers but what I never thought I needed was these three icons singing ”I Want It That Way” by the Backstreet Boys – but I enjoyed every single second of it!

If you are looking for a programme that is light and easy to watch for the whole family then The Big Show Show is one for you. It is especially great for any wrestling fans in the family and truly would help bring any family together. I really hope there is going to be a second series in the near future as it was the sense of fun and joy we all need right now!

****½  4.5/5

The first season of The Big Show Show is available on Netflix now.


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