06th Apr2020

The door to Online Bingo is always open

by James Smith


While in the current and ongoing uncertainty, chaos has ensued, and with dedicated Bingo halls up and down the country closing their doors to punters, those looking for a fun and easy win will find online Bingo continues to flourish. The digitalised equivalent is where it’s at, because it can be accessed all day every day, while the games are quicker and slicker than their traditional counterparts. If you’re yet to make Paddy Power online Bingo your new favourite pastime, let’s take a quick look at some of the most common games available.

30-ball Bingo

If you like 75-ball Bingo, you’ll love this fast-paced and condensed version of the game. Each ticket will contain nine numbers in a 3×3 grid, with the aim of the game – like other variants – to get a full house. The grid system is easy to understand, with the first column consisting of the numbers 1-10, the second, 11-20 and the third, 21-30.
Obviously, with fewer numbers, balls are drawn at a faster rate, meaning players are constantly involved in the action. 30-ball Bingo is ideal if time’s not on your side, as winners are frequent – games are over in as little as a minute and the next one restarts within seconds.

75-ball Bingo

While it was originally most popular in US Bingo halls, the 75-ball version is now accessible online to millions of people all around the world. If you’re new to 75-ball Bingo, it can be difficult to get your head around. The game is played out on a 5×5 grid, using the numbers 1-75, but with the middle square a ‘free’ space – which may or may not help you. With five columns, each is represented by the letters B-I-N-G-O and each number is a factor of 15, so 1-15, 16-30, 31-45, 46-60, and 61-75.

The major difference between 75-ball and the other variants is that there is just one pre-determined way of winning – and that is by completing a specific pattern. By pattern, we’re not talking your standard one line or two line, oh no. There are over 300 patterns out there, which range from spelling out letters such as L, T and Z, to gimmicky patterns like the popular aeroplane or champagne flute. There are harder patterns still, like the ladder and triple Bingo, which group winning numbers together, so you’ve got to virtually fill a whole column or row.

Thankfully, playing online 75-ball Bingo is easy – thanks to the auto-daub function. The software allows you to automatically mark winning numbers, so you’re not frantically trying to figure out your letter and number combinations – you’ll know your I18 from your G49 in no time!

80-ball Bingo

Let’s start with the basics, 80-ball Bingo is played out on a 4×4 grid, containing 16 numbers. One thing you’ll instantly notice is that each column is a different colour and these are typically red (1-20), yellow (21-40), blue (41-60) and white (61-80).

The best thing about 80-ball Bingo is there are four chances to win – yes, you read that right, four! There are different ways to win, with the most common a line. It could be vertical, horizontal or diagonal, with the fourth line also culminating in a full house! Alternatively, players are battling it out for four corners, or the middle square. Much like in the 75-ball variant where the numbers get called by their letter and number, in 80-ball Bingo, it’s the colour followed by the number, say for example red 15 and blue 52.

90-ball Bingo

This variant is the one most commonly found in Bingo halls up and down the UK and consequently, it’s the most popular version of Bingo that is played online too. 90-ball games consist of tickets which are 3×9 grids, so 27 squares, but they only contain 15 numbers. In most cases, there are three winners: the first to get one line, two lines and then three lines or a full house.

Of course, being the most popular online variant, it means the jackpots are usually a lot higher in 90-ball Bingo in comparison to the other different games available. Games with progressive jackpots have a separate prize pool, which increases with every ticket purchased – so it’s well worth playing a jackpot Bingo game if you can.

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