02nd Apr2020

Rise in Popularity of Board Games and Casino Apps

by James Smith


Board games and games of chance are two game types that are as old as the civilisation itself. They have affected the way we use our free time so much that many books, art pieces, and songs depict people playing them.

Technology has changed our lives in the past few decades; more and more things are moving to the digital world, and the games we play are no exception. Nowadays, you can easily find an app for almost any game that you used to play in physical form. Moreover, some of them, like Slotomania, are free.

How did these apps become so popular and what are their advantages over old-school games?

Why Did These Apps Become so Popular?

When talking about factors that contributed to the popularity of gaming apps, the main one is the availability of high-speed internet. The Internet in the dial-up era used to be slow and unstable, but that didn’t stop the first online casinos from emerging. The first online casino was launched in 1996 and the first poker website only two years later — in 1998.

As the Internet continued to evolve, more and more websites focused on games of chance. What’s more, board games started to appear. A lot of people started to use the Internet, many of which decided to try playing these games online.

Then came the era of smartphones. The majority of modern phones are more advanced than PCs that came out just ten years ago, which has created endless possibilities for app developers. Today, you can find many of your favourite board games in app stores and even some new ones that never got a physical form.

What Are the Advantages of Apps Over Physical Games?

The main advantage of app-based board games and games of chance is the convenience they come with. If you want to know if it’s better to play them on a PC or mobile device, check out this article.

Board games require multiple players, and sometimes it is hard to gather enough people. Most people have jobs and families, so getting a bunch of friends over at your place can sometimes be a real hustle. However, playing these games online solves the problem since you can invite your friends to play with you virtually or even play with strangers.

The next factor concerns the space needed to play these games and the cost of making them. For instance, a physical copy of the official Monopoly board game can cost up to $35, while the official app costs only around $4. Plus, game pieces get lost all the time and children and pets can easily ruin your game by jumping on the table.

When it comes to casino games like slots, going to a land-based casino can be a trip on its own. Then, once you get there and find a parking spot near the venue, you might spend only ten minutes inside if you don’t like the atmosphere.

Moreover, if you aren’t sure you will have enough time to spend there, you might just cancel your trip altogether. Slot apps, on the other hand, allow you to play wherever you want and how much you want.

Let’s not forget that you will also need to spend money to play slots at a casino. Fortunately, slot apps cost much less and a few of them like Vegas Downtown Slots can even be played for free. Note that if you decide to bet using real money, your winnings can be easily moved from the app to your bank account.

Most of these apps also come with different themes you can change by tapping your screen a couple of times.

As smartphone technology keeps improving, we will be able to play more complex and better-looking games. It’s highly likely that these games will encourage more people to switch from old-school games to mobile games.

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