01st Apr2020

‘Same Boat’ Review

by Chris Cummings

Stars: Chris Roberti, Tony Glanz, David Bly, Julia Schonberg, Tonta Glanz | Written by Josh Itzkowitz, Mark Leidner, Chris Roberti | Directed by Chris Roberti


With writers Josh Itzkowitz and Mark Leidner as well as Chris Roberti who also directs, Same Boat is a low-low-low-budget sci-fi flick with splashes of comedy that tells the tale of a time travelling assassin called James who is sent to kill a woman, but when he loses his important documents he finds himself falling for the very woman he was sent to snuff out. It’s a love story with a difference, I guess you could say.

Roberti, the writer and director responsible for Same Boat, plays the lead of James, who finds himself sent from the 80s to the distant and wacky future world of… 2018, to kill those responsible for the atrociousness that is… reality television. James and his helper-slash-partner Mot (Julia Schonberg) board a cruise ship with their mission ready to launch into action. Things get in the way, however, and soon, unbeknownst to him, James finds himself falling cranium over toes with Lilly. Lilly, played by Tonta Glanz, is, like I mentioned earlier, the person who he was meant to rid the world of. Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

Now, on paper this doesn’t sound too shabby as a concept, but it doesn’t really work in execution, and whether that’s because of the micro-budget or what I’m not sure. It just feels flat. The characters aren’t especially likeable nor particularly interesting, and while the performances aren’t all that bad, they don’t really stand out too much either. Now, apparently (and correct me if this isn’t exactly true), this was filmed without permission on a cruise ship, so that’s a fun gimmick that will get people talking, but really… I thought this was a bit of a let-down. I’m an indie movie fan, believe me, and I respect the idea of getting work out there with little-to-no budget, so I do tip my cap to that aspect of Same Boat, but as far as an enjoyable experience, this didn’t do much for me, personally.

A curious, mildly funny at times, but overall tepid indie comedy, Same Boat had promise but failed, for me at least, to live up to it. I imagine some will get a kick out of it, but that someone wasn’t me. Oh well.

*½  1.5/5

Same Boat releases on demand across the US from April 7the courtesy of Dark Star Pictures.


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