12th Mar2020

Opinionated: What are the best pro-wrestling podcasts out there?

by Chris Cummings

So, I’m a wrestling fan, have been for going-on three decades, and so when I’m not watching pro-wrestling on television or on PPV, or when I’m not looking back on old shows, or when I’m not collecting wrestling figures, or when I’m not watching documentaries about the wrestling business, I’m likely listening to a pro-wrestling podcast. Oh, and there’s a whole lot of those. The podcast world is drenched with high-quality wrestling podcasts, and because of this fact I can’t listen to them all, but I do my best to listen to a good selection of them, and so I thought I’d recommend a few here, a few that I personally consider the best wrestling podcasts out there today.



Now, if you’re a wrestling fan, then you will know who Jim Ross is. The voice of many years of my days as a fan of this weird and wonderful sport, JR has been all over the place in wrestling, from his days in Mid-South to his days in WCW, to his long run in WWE, to his modern-day run in AEW. The greatest announcer of all time, Jim Ross has stories galore, and his podcast, Grilling JR, where he sits down with “The Podfather” Conrad Thompson to shoot the breeze about various topics, is absolutely brilliant. Each episode follows a specific topic, be it a wrestler like Jerry Lawler or Bret Hart, or an event from WWE or WCW history, and we hear JR give his insight, his memories and his thoughts on these things. It’s wonderful, and my favourite podcast out there, wrestling or otherwise. I could hear to Good Ol’ JR talk for hours about wrestling, and thanks to Grilling JR, I do.


Conrad Thompson returns with this influential and incredibly entertaining podcast where he speaks with Bruce Prichard about all sort of things. This is a long-running show and I haven’t missed an episode, so that should tell you how good this is. Ranging it length from 90 minutes to over three hours, Something to Wrestle With Bruce Prichard is a blast. Prichard himself is a wordsmith and a storyteller, and regardless of what you think of his opinions or his views on things that have happened in wrestling, it’s great to hear these stories about his long life in the business. Whether he’s talking about wrestlers, shows, or doing an open Q and A with listeners, the podcast is one of the best out there, easily, and I never get bored of it. Speaking of which… the Val Venis episode just landed, I best click play.


The third Conrad hosted podcast I listen to is 83 Weeks with Eric Bischoff, where Easy E discusses his memories of wrestling with Conny. Many episodes follow WCW, for obvious reasons, with some WWE stuff mixed in, and it’s cool stuff. I haven’t listened to as much of this as I have the Prichard or Ross podcasts, but when I do it’s always a good time.


Two brothers, Scott and Jeff, talk all things wrestling figures in the original wrestling figure podcast. This was out there well before any other, and it’s the best one going. I grew up collecting and playing with figures, and as an adult I collect them for nostalgic reasons for display in the office, so listening to these two down-to-earth and informed guys talk about the history of figures, as well as modern-day releases, is a blast. They’re very involved in the community too, and it feels like you’re listening to a real passion project at work. I’ve learnt plenty from this podcast through the time I’ve been a listener, and on top of that… it’s a real jolt of memories when they talk about the Hasbro and Jakks Pacific lines. If you’re a wrestling figure fan, or even loved them back when you were a kid, this is a damn cool option, and one of my favourites.


We all know who Steve Austin is, and we all know that he’s one of the best talkers of all time, so a podcast hosted by the man himself is going to be entertaining, and it is. Unlike other podcasts I listen to, Austin talks about more than just wrestling, and often has guests on the show to talk about their careers and such, like a radio program of sorts. Be it RVD, Chris Jericho, Jerry Lawler, Bret Hart or various others, the shows are a blast, and feature that Stone Cold style that you might recognise if you’ve watched any of his WWE Network shows.


Chris Jericho has had a podcast for a good while, and a little like Steve Austin’s, it features interviews with guys from both in and our of wrestling. There have been some damn fine episodes over the years, and I love to click on one when the guest in question is someone I’m interested in, which is pretty often. From names like Jake Roberts, Ric Flair and Bully Ray, to current wrestling names like MJF, Jon Moxley, Jungle Boy, SCU and Darby Allen, it’s a unique presentation that is often a lot of fun.


WWE’s official podcast is something I was a little curious about, because I wasn’t sure if it would be any good, but I quite like it. Corey has guests on, he talks about his thoughts on the current product, and for the most part it feels pretty candid and open. I mean, it can only be so open, but Graves seems to give his opinions without too much worry of consequences, which is a good thing. I’ve enjoyed the episodes I’ve listened to so far, anyway.

There are other wrestling pods out there that I recommend, sure. Shows like Busted Open, Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast, Excuse Me and others are on my weekly spin, but the ones above are the podcasts I listen to the most, with Grilling JR and Something to Wrestle With at the very top of the heap. So, what are your favourite wrestling podcasts? Any that I missed that I should be listening to? Either way, check these I listed about if you haven’t. Thanks for reading!


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