28th Feb2020

‘Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions: The Big Show’ Review (WWE Network Original)

by Chris Cummings


So, so far from Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Session series on WWE Network, we’ve seen The Texas Rattlesnake sit down and talk with The Undertaker, Kane and Goldberg, so it wasn’t a surprise to see another long serving veteran from WWE step up next, with none other than Paul “The Big Show” Wight.

The format for this episode is the same as we’ve seen so far from this series, with Austin sitting down with Big Show, asking him some open questions and letting the conversation flow. We hear about Paul Wight’s entry into pro-wrestling and his debut in WCW, and they talk about his career there, the people he worked with, and how he feels about the run he had all these years later. Austin gets to jump in with some stories once Wight arrives in WWE, with his big debut during the Austin and McMahon cage match at St Valentines Day Massacre in 1999.

Wight talks about his debut and the lack of knowledge he had back then. He talks about how it was like stepping into shark infested waters once he got to WWE and signed his big long-term deal from the get-go. He discusses the people who took him under his wing and became his friends, including The Undertaker who he credits for finding his feet a lot in the company. Wight discusses how it took him a while to know how to work as a giant in wrestling, and talks about various people he’s had programs with over the years, from Mark Henry to Kane to John Cena.

The Broken Skull Sessions series is a good one, and while Big Show did appear in Austin’s previous “Stone Cold Podcast” series on the WWE Network, it was still cool to see Show pop up here and talk about his long and winding career that has taken him into four decades in the business.

If you’re a fan of Austin’s interview style and want more of it, then check this out. I would like to see more people who haven’t previously sat down with Austin appear on this show from now on, like we did with the first three guests, but I wasn’t offended by Big Show appearing and discussing, in his own modest manner, his career and current role within WWE.

Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions is available now on WWE Network.


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