21st Feb2020

‘Sugar Rush: Season 2’ Review (Netflix)

by Rhys Payne


After watching and reviewing the first season of Sugar Rush I was excited to watch the newest season but I must say I ended up somewhat disappointed… While I understand that cooking shows like this one follow the same format each episode, yet there is a lot of direction for a show to stand out but when season one was crammed full with energy/excitement compared to this one – where this was the energy and excitement was missing, you can’t help but feel let down.

Sugar Rush has three rounds that all fall within a certain theme. What is different about this show is that each team is given three hours to do the first two challenges, with a pair of bakers going home after each challenge. What is interesting in this show is that the pairs aren’t eliminated until a few minutes into the next round which is extremely cutthroat and helps add to the drama. The pairs can announce they have completed the challenge at any time within the three hours and if they finish the second challenge with time to spare they can bring the remaining time forward into the final challenge. This means bakers have to use their time carefully to ensure they have enough time for the final challenge which is normally an over-the-top multi-layered cake extravaganza. The only issue I have with this format happened in the first challenge – where the host (Hunter March) talks directly to the audience while the first challenge is being explained. People watch this show to see baking and also considering this is a show perfect for binge-watching we don’t need someone to explain the rules every episode.

All the pairs in Sugar Rush are professionals, who run their own bakeries, which means the standard of what is produced is extremely high. The show does showcase many incredible bakes such as an extremely tall space-themed cake that was out of this world! I like to think of this show as a professional version of shows such as Great British Bake Off, as it doesn’t explain any baking specific terms and instead just assumes everyone knows what they are. The focus is on the cakes rather than the baking as a concept which helps makes Sugar Rush really stand out as a unique show.

The actual themes of each episode are very interesting and fascinating. The first episode in the new series of Sugar Rushb is based on viral trends of Instagram which helps bring this show into the twenty-first century and makes it super modern. On top of this, all the bakers had met online through social media which helps add another level of interest. There were also episodes which revolved around the concepts of family, relationships and science – which are themes not typically explored in baking shows – which was incredible to see and watch. Overall this was a nice show that did explore unique ideas but lost some of its excitement from the original series which was disappointing.

However I would still encourage fans of GBBO to watch Sugar Rush to develop your baking knowledge and to see some very intriguing cakes!

*** 3/5


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