20th Feb2020

‘Batwoman 1×12: Take Your Choice’ Review

by Jason Brigger

Stars: Ruby Rose, Rachel Skarsten, Meagan Tandy, Nicole Kang, Camrus Johnson, Elizabeth Anweis, Dougray Scott | Created by Caroline Dries


Batwoman is back and the city of Gotham is on lockdown as the Crows are searching every building for Alice. Sophie is getting desperate in her new role as the head of the Crows, so she issues the “shoot on site” mantra regarding Alice. The Crows are becoming less and less efficient in Gotham and it is only a matter of time until the Gotham Police push their way into the Crows regions of Gotham. With Mouse in custody, Sophie has joined Mary in attempting to find a reputable plastic surgeon that can testify at Jacob’s upcoming trial and help acquit him. They find Dr. Ethan Campbell ,who sounds very similar to the deranged scientist that held original Beth/Alice captive all those years ago, and he agrees to help as long as he can see Mouse. This doesn’t seem suspicious at all.

Beth 2.0’s molecules are literally breaking down due to the fact she is on a Earth that houses another being with the same genetic makeup, Alice, and the world can’t support both of them. Mary, since she is the only doctor Kate knows, is given the task of saving Beth 2.0 and she only has seven hours to do it until Beth 2.0 dies. Poor Mary, she’s been put through the ringer the last few episodes and now the fate of Kate’s sister is now in her hands. After a brief visit at the hospital to visit Mouse, especially after sneaking in was a little too easy, Alice learns there may be a doppelganger of herself running Gotham. Instead of freeing Mouse, Alice decides to take this challenge upon herself to seek out the truth.

Alice solves everyone’s problems by showing up at Wayne Tower, Kate’s headquarters. Team Batwoman stands aside as Alice and Beth 2.0 share their similar but yet different childhood experiences, and when Alice learns Kate 2.0 actually saved her sister and kept her from a childhood of being held captive, Alice is not too pleased. This gives Alice all the motivation she needs to try to kill Beth 2.0 but Kate steps in and stops her. In the melee, Alice escapes…again.

Speaking of attacks, Jacob is not making friends with the prisoners, especially since he put a majority of them away, as one of Alice’s locked up crew members attacks and stabs Jacob. Luckily for Jacob, he made one friend in prison and is saved at the last minute, but it comes with a price…Jacob has to free his new friend from prison, despite where his new friend is an innocent man or not. Dr. Campbell visits a weakened Mouse in the hospital and in a huge twist, rips a mask off his face and reveals himself to be Mouse’s father/Alice’s kidnapper. Mouse is shocked to see his father as he thought he was dead, but Dr. Campbell admits he only faked his death to live the life he really wanted all along. Dr. Campbell pushes Mouse to reveal Alice’s location but Mouse refuses as his love for his adopted sister is too strong to give her up.

Alice shows up at Mary’s underground clinic, confronting Mary and knocking her out and taking her captive. Alice’s plan didn’t last long though as Mary must have been taking self-defense classes as she takes Alice down and handcuffs her to one of the beds. Mary is able to pull some of Alice’s blood as she figured out this is the cure to save Beth 2.0, but only Beth 2.0. Mary leaves to give the antidote to Kate but in her rush, Alice is handcuffed too close to a phone, allowing Alice to call in a tip to the Crows and framing Alice in the process.

Mary arrives back at Wayne Tower with the antidote just as the Crows are descending on the building. Mary gives Kate the bad news that the antidote can only save either Beth 2.0 or Alice and Kate actually struggles with this decision! Seriously Kate? After all Alice has done, including killing your stepmother/Mary’s mother, you still can’t decide to save the good sister? In the biggest surprise of the series so far, Kate actually picks saving Beth 2.0 over Alice! Kate arrives at the Batcave, that is now housing Beth 2.0, and gives her the antidote to save her.

Kate visits a handcuffed Alice at the medical clinic and says goodbye to her sister one last time. Alice is shocked by this as she thought Kate would always save her. Alice breaks down crying, realizing her lifetime of bad choices finally has some repercussions. It’s an emotional scene and is another surprise in an episode filled with them.

But wait! Yes, we have another surprise. Fox is able to transport a now healed Beth 2.0 out of the Batcave and past the Crows’ checkpoint but upon arriving at the rendezvous point, the Crows are already waiting for them. Sophie gives the order to stand down but one of the Crows’ snipers doesn’t hear the order and follows through on the previous order to shoot Alice on site. Beth 2.0 is shot and killed, which causes Alice to not actually die! Back at the clinic, Kate realizes what happens as Alice wakes up, laughing at her good fortune.

One Good Thing:

  • Dr. Ethan Campbell. I’m sure some viewers noticed the good doctor resembled Mouse’s father, but I wasn’t sure it was really him until he pulled his mask off (he perfected the formula!) and revealed himself. I enjoyed the reveal and actor Sebastian Roche does a tremendous job as Campbell. He’s not over-the-top and he feels his actions are justified, a symbol of a good villain that the audience loves to hate. I’m intrigued to see how he impacts Jacob’s upcoming trial and the whole Kane family.

One Bad Thing!:

  • Security. No wonder Gotham is in a state of disarray because not only are the Gotham Police horrible at their job, so are the Crows. Dr. Campbell is able to drug Mouse and sneak him past the guards outside his room. This is on top of Alice sneaking in to see Mouse earlier in the episode by only wearing a Gotham Police jacket and hat. Come on Gotham do better!

This Episode’s Grade: B

Batwoman is back after a three week hiatus and while this episode was not action-packed, the hour-long episode flew by. There were enough revelations with Dr. Ethan Campbell and enough twists with Alice/Beth 2.0’s fate that this episode felt more like a season finale than just a regular episode. Ruby Rose and Rachel Skarsten continue to shine in their roles and their chemistry is a strong highlight of the series. I like the twist that even though Kate chose correctly, someone else decided the fate of Beth 2.0 and Alice.

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