18th Feb2020

‘MLW: Fusion’ Wrestling Review (Feb 15th 2020)

by Nathan Favel

Welcome to this week’s Major League Wrestling: Fusion review, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and we have the return to Lonesome Dove. Call is dead…get over it. Let’s hop on over to the w—–house/school and get us a heaping helping of lovin’/ABCs and 123s! Fusion begins…well, this is just a review.


Match #1: Gino Medina defeated Septimo Dragon

The following is courtesy of mlw.com:

It doesn’t take long for the action to go to the outside as “the man dressed as a dragon” shows his skill with an outside attack. The two have a chess match of athleticism as one another outwit each other with quickness. Medina feigns a handshake, but Septimo doesn’t bite. He gives Medina one stunning headscissors before kipping up. Septimo goes for another one but this time Medina tosses him off into the ropes and takes control. Gino maintains control for quite awhile, but Septimo comes leaping off the tope with an arm drag to show, but Gino gains advantage quickly after with a jarring enziguri. Gino quickly rolls to the outside and shoves Konnan. As this goes on, Septimo leaps out of the ring with an Asai moonsault. Septimo keeps Medina mixed up with some handspring avoidance before nailing a Spanish fly out of nowhere. Only a two count! Septimo goes to the next level with one amazing springboard DDT and then soon seizes the opportunity to climb the turnbuckle. He goes for a top rope double foot stomp, but Medina makes haste to avoid and grabs Septimo for a top corner snake eyes that sends Septimo silly. Medina rolls up Septimo in a small package, but also puts his foot on the rope for leverage to get the advantageous, yet tainted victory.

My Opinion: 3.1 out of 5 – This was pretty good, but it not quite as remarkable as other MLW matches in recent memory. Medina is a nice presence, as the saying goes, but he doesn’t inspire the same feeling as MJF, who he is reportedly going to replace in Dynasty…by knocking that b—- Fallon in the pool…mmmmmmmmmm. The action was solid and gave just enough to be worth talking about, but there was not enough here to really stand the test of time…says the dink behind a keyboard. What does my robot butler, McKiskey, think: McKiskey: I am a robot! Nathan: Well, it is an Ikea bot. Anyway, this was a decent opener, but it needed more time and some pep in its step.

Match #2: Alexander Hammerstone defeated Aerostar – MLW National Openweight Championship Match

The following is courtesy of mlw.com:

Konnan is on commentary who is happy to represent the experienced Aerostar and that is evident as he shows off his athleticism, but during the break, Hammerstone hits Aerostar hard with a powerbomb on the apron and then further shows such strength with a stalling Spinal Countdown slam that has to be seen to be believed. However, back from break Aerostar hits a barrel roll splash that knocks down Hammer hard. Hammer sends a forearm shiver to Aerostar and hoists him up for a Nightmare Pendulum, but Aerostar rolls him up for a pin attempt instead. Aerostar makes sure to capitilize and hits an ace crusher before going for the cover. Two count! The record-setting Dallas crowd is all behind this match and Hammer holds Aerostar once more for one ring rumbling superplex. A nonchalant cover only gets Hammer a two count however. Hammer hits his bicycle kick, German suplex combo and goes to deliver another powerbomb. Aerostar rolls free and in another display of pure disrespect anddisgracefulness, unmasks Aerostar mid match! That causes Aerostar to cover his face and Hammer rolls him up for the undeserving three count.

My Opinion: 3.3 out of 5 – Aerostar was as exciting as ever, but the match was kinda stunted for what-ever reason. This felt like a ploy to make Hammerstone look evil instead of delivering a title defense that would make the champion look tough. I know, it’s the same complaint we often have, but it’s still worth mentioning. These guys had a nice dynamic of large and small, but it could have been more than that. Oh well. At least this wasn’t s—.

Match #3: (Main Event) The Von Erichs defeated MJF & Richard Holliday – MLW Tag Team Title Match

The following is courtesy of mlw.com:

The Dynasty are the first team scheduled to enter, but both Holliday and MJF walk to the back while their music plays. Word is that they have a celebration room set up in the back, so instead the champions, Marshall and Ross come out first. As the two are presented flowers at ringside in come MJF and Holliday for a surprise attack. They ambush the brothers before the bell even rings! The bell does ring and the two continue their heinous attack on the brothers. MJF yells at fans before they roll Ross into the ring. Both men gang up on Ross before Richard and Max take their turns on the older Von Erich brother. Holliday finally becomes the legal man but soon tags in MJF. Max mocks Marshall on the apron as they cut off the ring for Ross. Holliday gets a two count but Ross shows that Von Erich resiliency. The Dynasty doll out a wishbone breaker to Ross and the Dallas crowd is all about booing the diabolical Dynasty. Ross finds a window with a jawbreaker and almost tags in Marshall, but Holliday rips him off the apron. A double elbow drop delivered to Ross but he kicks out. The two continue to keep Ross resided on their side of the ring as Marshall is chomping at the bit to get in. Both Dynasty members continue to take their turn delivering moves to Ross and it’s all saturated with arrogant and underhanded boasting. MJF soon slams Ross’ head down hard on the mat and tags in Holliday for a double suplex, but Ross lands on his feet and hits a double neckbreaker! Marshall is firing up his brother to get to the ropes and he does so. Ross leaps in and fires away at both MJF and Holliday. Dallas is exploding as he knocks both men down. Marshall corner cannoballs Richard Holliday before smacking him down with a standing moonsault center ring. Ross runs at Richard with a vaulting knee and Marshall follows up with a lariat that would make Stan Hansen smile! A two count! The brothers get back to their feet to hit a double dropkick onto MJF before Marshall launches Ross on top of Max for an outside plancha! Holliday runs in to boot Ross off the apron, but Marshall sets Holliday up on the top turnbuckle. He goes for a superplex attempt, but Holliday turns it into a top rope Market Crash! MJF leaps off the top rope for a splash onto the prone Marshall. Both men pile on top for a cover, but Ross runs in just in time to break it up! A very close call for the Von Erichs! All men are down and look who comes out but Hammerstone. However, Mance Warner isn’t far off with a chair in hand. He waits for Hammer to turn around before laying him out. Out comes Gino Medina and the two brawl their way to the back. The sides are even again! The crowd is on their feet as MJF is left all alone and Max has a scary sense of what’s to come – The Claw! The brothers deliver their signature double team and it’s all arithmetic at this point! The Von Erichs are still your MLW Tag Team Champions!

My Opinion: 2.9 out of 5 – MJF and Holliday looked great, while the Von Erichs still looked green around the gills, if you catch my drift. That being said, this was a spirited fight that the crowd dug all the way to the bottom of the well. MJF leaving MLW is a sad affair, but at least he is going out…losing. I’d rather see MJF get a quick run with the strap and then lose to a top prospect, but bookers/promoters have always had a problem with justifying what they put on the bottom line (Fatu is a good champion, but who wants that when you can have Low Ki, an actual draw?). The Von Erichs might be good in five years, but they can’t do much else here than just look like a Vince McMahon pet project in a different league. The match was more formatting than any-thing else, rather than blood, sweat and tears.

News Of The Night:

  1. Air Wolf’s MLW run is being teased as over.
  2. Killer Kross is still on the way.
  3. Jacob Fatu is still set to fight CIMA for the World Title in a few weeks at Fightland.
  4. LA PARK will return in due time.
  5. King Mo fights, next week.
  6. Erick Stevens fights Douglas James, next week.
  7. Ross Von Erich fights Tom Lawlor, next week.

Final Verdict: 2.6/5

This was a dull show that was more focused on storylines than great wrestling, which is a shame.


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