11th Feb2020

Everything You Should Know About Casino Bonuses and Rewards

by James Smith


If you want to get the best casino rewards and bonuses, the prudent decision would be to avoid subpar casinos and join only the best casinos around. Think of it: why go for a $200 bonus when what you want is a $2000 bonus? Or even, why take a 45x rollover if there is another casino offering 30x? In essence, you need to join those casinos which are competitive in terms of their promotions, those offering the most money, best rollover terms, most cash back for points, and the most points when it comes to every $1 you spend! Before you decide on the best casino to enroll in, here are a few things you should understand about casino rewards and bonuses:

Why Do Casinos Offer Bonuses?

Generally, there are several reasons why the best casinos offer bonuses, among other promotions, including:

To stand out

Numerous online casinos cater to varying demographics and languages. The online gambling industry in Malta, for instance, amounts to over €1.2 billion with ComeOn casino being among the many choices to pick from. The best thing you can start with comeon welcome bonus. Unfortunately, despite the many options, most casinos are alike, especially when it comes to the software used as well as games offered. Ideally, there is not much that differentiates these online casinos besides maybe their stellar support or theme. As such, casinos will usually offer an exclusive bonus package. This might be a small bonus featuring a relatively lower rollover, a significant bonus, free spins, and a free cash combo. Usually, whatever the casino will offer will often be different compared to other casinos.

To move potential clients off the fence

Most often than not, some individuals are uncertain about playing online casino games for real money. Perhaps they are either scared or are unsure about the casino to pick.  Also, perhaps they have been playing free games. Online casinos usually offer bonuses since sometimes a $1000 or $500 bonus might be just the bump players need to deposit and become customers.

To reward their players

Generally, the more you play, the more these casinos give back to you.  Usually, this could be bonuses, free cash, free spins, games, and much more. This is often a gesture to say ‘thank you’ and perhaps entice you to either play more or make another deposit. Whatever your choice, ensure that you don’t take too long. Usually, most of the offers have a ‘limited time,’ which means that you might want to act immediately if you spot an offer that you like.

What Are The Common Types Of Promotions You Can Expect From Casinos?

Now that it is clear why casinos offer VIP perks and bonuses, it is essential to understand the types of bonuses and promotions that they offer.

Welcome Bonus

They are offered to new customers. Welcome bonuses often match bonuses, although they may also be free cash offers (no deposits), free spins, or a collection of all of them.

Match Bonuses

With this offer, the casinos match a certain percentage of what you deposit. For instance, if a casino is offering a distinct 100% up to $100 bonus per dollar deposited, the casino will offer you $1. Therefore, if your deposit is $100, you will get $100 for a $200 total.

No Deposit

These usually represent small offers, such as $20 or $10. Often, you will get them after joining a given casino while other times, they can serve as a rebate on your earlier losses. For instance, you will make a deposit and then pay $20 or $10 or any other, and then the casinos will subsequently compensate what you have lost, but up to a specific maximum amount.

Free Spins

Finally, casinos also offer free spins for one among their various slot machines. Depending on the casino, though, you can also play from whichever machine you prefer or, in some cases; they will need for you to play a particular slot genre or a specified title.

Final Word: Choosing the Casino with the best perks for you

Ultimately, now that you have understood the essential components of how casinos operate and why they do so, the choice is now yours on what casino you should go for.  So, which is the best casino for you? Ideally, there is never really a wrong, or right answer since what does it for you may not necessarily do for the other guy. In the end, it is up to you to make up your mind on what you want!

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