31st Jan2020

WWE Network Original Review: WWE Chronicle – John Morrison

by Chris Cummings


WWE fans will be aware that John (Johnny Nitro, Johnny Impact) Morrison has recently made his return to WWE, appearing once again on SmackDown with his real-life friend and former tag-team partner The Miz in a storyline with The New Day.

Morrison is a guy who many fans had expected to return to the WWE fold for a few years, but his time away from WWE lasted longer than many, Morrison included, thought. He’s worked all over the place since leaving WWE eight years ago, and this Chronicle episode looks at his return to the company and to television.

WWE Chronicle is a cool show and always interesting. Showing backstage video footage and sit-down interviews, we get a chance to hear about John’s time away from WWE, the reasons he left, the reasons he came back and his thoughts on being back on the scene. We hear Morrison discuss the changes in his life since he left WWE and the things he’s learned in the ring since then too, with him promising to show the WWE Universe just how much better he is than he was back in 2012.

I’m not sure what is in the plans for Morrison, but initially it seems we’re getting Miz and Morrison again as a heel tandem and a likely feud over the WWE SmackDown Tag Titles soon. Whatever happens, I’m glad to see the talented Morrison back where he started, back where he won Tough Enough in 2002. The eighteen-plus year veteran has proven how good he is many times, and it’s quite an enticing proposition to imagine the match-ups he could now have in WWE, with the massively talented and deep roster on offer. I’m intrigued, that’s for sure.

Another solid episode of WWE Chronicle, it does a good job at hyping the return of a name from the past who looks to be in great shape and who hasn’t, seemingly, lost a step in the ring either (in fact, he exclaims that he has added a few steps to his repertoire). The tag division on SmackDown has become more interesting too, so that’s a good thing.

WWE Chronicle is available to watch now on WWE Network.


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