27th Jan2020

The Last Week in Wrestling #51 (Wrestling Round-Up)

by Nathan Favel

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Last Week In Wrestling, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and we have…if I’ve ever offended any-one on here with these reviews, then I apologize. I get carried away with the jokes and all that often enough. I read through a few of my reviews a bit ago and I can be a bit much. If I ever say anything too wild, just remember that these are just free-wheelin’ shots in the dark. I enjoy reviewing the matches (even when some of them are disappointing). That’s about all I want of that touchy-feely crap. Alright, it’s wrestling time.


Best Moment:

Memphis Gets Its Due (All Elite Wrestling) – AEW had a great segment where numerous icons of the Memphis wrestling scene were honored for their great careers. This was a very touching tribute to that piece of wrestling history that should be discussed more often.

Best Promo:

Lesnar And The Truth (World Wrestling Entertainment) – Brock Lesnar, Paul Heyman and R-Truth had a funny promo together that was kind of a riot, to be honest. Truth doesn’t get enough credit these days, but he should. Also, this beat a Scott Steiner promo, so take that for what you will.

Best Speaker:

Sami Callihan (Impact Wrestling) – Sami played the part of Big Brother to Tessa Blanchard’s whatever the guy in 1984’s name was. Sami as a stalker to the new World Champion is very intriguing on its own, but Sami made it more thrilling by performing it as if he was the king of Hell with a computer hacker’s tech skills.

Best Character:

Scott Steiner (National Wrestling Alliance) – Scott has really become a legend in his own time. How many guys can inspire such fervor just by talking? Hell, the guy from Jeopardy used Steiner math just to make a joke on Twitter. They should be teaching Steiner math in schools. Scott cut a great promo and used his limited wrestling ability to make you forget that he isn’t the man he once was, but a power-house who has forgotten more than I could ever learn.

Best Wrestler:

Buddy Murphy (World Wrestling Entertainment) – Between a great match and some marvelous character work, Buddy really made a big impression this week. For a guy who was infamous for his mis-use, Buddy has really made the most of a moderate amount (from the booking, I mean).

Best Performance:

Davey Boy Smith Jr. (Major League Wrestling) – Davey had a great showing in his biggest match to date. Winning the Opera Cup proved to be a really profound moment in his career and, if there’s any justice in professional wrestling, Davey will get his World Title run.

Best Move:

Flying Senton (World Wrestling Entertainment) – Kevin Owens did this amazing dive that saw him run up the loop of the Titantron and do a flip dive over on a whole bunch of poor schmucks. It was a great move from a guy who keeps defying his detractors.

Best Match:

Kenny Omega & Adam Page versus The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson), Proud And Powerful (Santana & Ortiz) & Best Friends (Chuck Taylor and TRENT) – All Elite Wrestling Tag Team Title #1 Contender’s Match (All Elite Wrestling) – This was a really great match. There were a lot of plates being balanced here, but they all kept spinning and it made for one hell of a show.

Best Card:

NXT (World Wrestling Entertainment) – This was not the most exciting card in some time, but it was a thoroughly sound card with matches that delivered from good to great.

Best Show:

All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite (All Elite Wrestling) – This revival of Bash At The Beach was a lot of fun, if a bit weak in parts.

Best League:

All Elite Wrestling – AEW was not perfect, but it was more interesting than the WWE, who got numerous awards this week itself.

Final Verdict: 3.4/5

There was some fine matches this week, but the whole thing felt a little flat.


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