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‘All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite’ Review (Jan 22nd 2020)

by Nathan Favel

Welcome to this week’s All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite review, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and we have a whole show on Chris Jericho’s Rock N’ Wrestling Cruise Ship event. If any of the wrestlers piss us off, do we get to toss their asses into the sea? I wish I could chuck Donald Trump into the ocean. Hell, maybe the giant Dorito would melt like The Wicked Witch in a watersports joint. Anyway, Gabe Sapolsky just got mad that political stuff was brought into wrestling and his wrestlers are mad at him for not being paid any-thing. Let’s go Dory Funk ourselves!


Match #1: The Elite (Kenny Omega & Adam Page) defeated SCU (Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky) – All Elite Wrestling World Tag Team Championship Match

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It was immediately noticeable that Page and Omega came to the ring individually, despite being a team tonight. All four competitors had their game faces on, knowing exactly what was at stake. The crowd chanted “Cowboy S—t!” as Page and Kazarian kicked things off. Kazarian took down Page with a side headlock. Kazarian unleashed a mean lariat on Page. Sky was tagged in, and Page begrudgingly made the tag to his own partner, Kenny Omega. Omega repeatedly drove the point of his elbow into Sky’s arm, and then he planted Sky with a Kotaro Crusher! Page was tagged in and knocked Kazarian off the ring apron, isolating Sky, and then working him over. Sky was able to make the tag to Kazarian, and the champs used teamwork for a quick flurry of offense on Page. “SCU is very well prepared,” said Jim Ross. Omega saved Page from a pin fall, but the tag team clinic on display from SCU continued. Kazarian used a backstabber on Page. Finally Omega was the legal man, hitting a huracarana on Kazarian, then a fisherman’s buster on Sky! Omega used a buckle bomb and a power bomb on Scorpio Sky for a near fall. Omega pulled out a V-trigger on Sky, but Sky was able to fight off the “One-Winged Angel” attempted by Omega! Page jumped for the buckshot lariat, missing Sky, and inadvertently connecting with Omega! Sky covered Omega for a two count. Omega used a snapdragon suplex on Sky, and then drilled Kazarian with a tiger driver! Sky intercepted Omega’s V-trigger attempt on Kazarian, and they hit the “SCU Later,” but Page was able to break it up! Hangman spiked Kazarian with a spine buster, and then used the buckshot lariat on Sky, and then one on Kazarian for the three-count! The winners, and neeeeeeeeew AEW world tag champs, “Hangman” Adam Page and Kenny Omega!

My Opinion: 3.8 out of 5 – This was a fabulous way to get the first title change in AEW history to happen the right way. There was suspense in if the alcoholic Page could keep his ego in check to stick it out with Omega while SCU struggled to battle against an unpredictable foe. There’s a little bit of every-thing in this bad boy, so you ought not be bored by it. Give this sucker a go and I think you’ll really dig it down to the core.

Match #2: Britt Baker defeated Priscilla Kelly

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Britt grounded Priscilla with a headlock, then rolled her up for a two count. Priscilla fought back, but Britt pulled her opponent’s hair. The Doctor then connected with a sling blade on Priscilla. Britt applied “the lockjaw,” forcing Priscilla Kelly to submit!

My Opinion: 2.2 out of 5 – This was the opposite of the first match. Skip this s— like the plague. There’s not much here besides the best moves these two have. I’ve got moves…for moving on to the next match.

Match #3: The Inner Circle (Chris Jericho, Santana and Ortiz) defeated The Jurassic Express (Marko Stunt, Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus) – Six-Man Tag Match

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The fans sang along to Jericho’s entrance theme. Jungle Boy took it right to Jericho with a high dropkick. Jericho quickly tagged out to Ortiz. Jungle Boy took Ortiz off his feet with another dropkick. Marko Stunt jumped off the top of Luchasaurus’ shoulders for a splash on Santana, but ref Aubrey Edwards missed the tag. Luchasaurus knocked down Santana with a massive dino boot! Santana took Jungle Boy to a bad part of town, pushing him into the corner of the Inner Circle, who sneaked in some shots to the disoriented Jungle Boy. Jericho stood on Jungle Boy’s hair on pulled upwards. Jericho connected with a stiff clothesline and then tagged in Santana. Jungle Boy was crunched by Santana’s backbreaker. Jericho smelled blood in the water, and Santana tagged in the leader of the Inner Circle. Jericho placed Jungle Boy on the top turnbuckle and attempted a superplex, but Jungle Boy locked in his feet and pushed Le Champion to the mat! Santana and Ortiz ran in to double team Jungle Boy and save Jericho from the pin. Jungle Boy unleashed fiery forearms and punches on Ortiz, and then a reverse huracarana. Luchasaurus was tagged in and cleaned house with kicks to the Inner Circle members! Luchasaurus hit double choke slams on Jericho and Ortiz, and nearly pinned Chris Jericho. Hager confronted Luchasaurus, and the two brawled to the back! Meanwhile, back in the ring, Marko got a near fall on Jericho with a 450 splash! He rolled up Jericho, but Le Champion powered out, finishing things off for his Inner Circle with his patented Judas Effect!

My Opinion: 3.4 out of 5 – This was a fine match that had numerous sequences of exciting action that put everybody over, but never at anyone else’s expense. There was a freaky spirit here that made me feel like I was at one of those gypsy orgies where everyone is poppin’ blueberries and getting’ wound-up on grabbing each other mid-stream. Hey, I never said I was normal outside of the reviews. The whole thing was a real house of fire, in a real Looney Tunes sort of way. Overall, I had a lot of fun with this bout.

Match #4: MJF defeated Joey Janela

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Wardlow was not present, as he is back home training for his upcoming cage match with “the American Nightmare” Cody. Janela was sporting braided hair for the cruise. MJF and Janela traded some very technical maneuvers in the opening moments of the match, but it quickly broke down when MJF poked Janela in the eyes. MJF used ref Aubrey Edwards as a shield, and then once she was out of the way, began stomping Janela. MJF wrapped leg scissors around Janela’s midsection in an attempt to wear down the winded “Bad Boy.” Janela hit a superplex on MJF, who somehow was able to kick out at two. Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford showed up on the ramp and began kissing. Their P.D.A distracted Janela. MJF capitalized with the “Double Cross” to claim victory over Janela.

My Opinion: 3.2 out of 5 – This was good, but I expected more out of a match between these two. Well, this was good wrestling for the time it got, but I was hoping for another five minutes, at least. The final minute or so took away from the match, but what we got before it was quite fun.

Match #5: (Main Event) Jon Moxley defeated Pac – Number One Contender Match For The All Elite Wrestling Championship Shot

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Moxley’s eye was bandaged, since being nearly blinded last week by Chris Jericho and the spike from Jericho’s leather jacket. Mox took PAC off his feet with a shoulder tackle, and then dished out wicked chops. This was all to set up PAC for a release German suplex! A cunning PAC capitalized on Mox’s blind spot, hitting him square in the damaged eye. PAC used stiff cross face shots on Mox’s injured eye. Moxley relied on instinct and began brawling with PAC through the crowd, from the balcony down the stairs to the floor! Back in the ring, PAC and Mox were trading strikes, and PAC halted Mox with a spin kick. PAC followed up with a jawbreaker and then worked on Mox’s eye again. PAC and Mox were on the top rope where Mox fought his way free, forcing PAC to come crashing down. Mox went for an elbow drop but PAC pulled up a knee, and then put Mox in “the Brutalizer.” Mox escaped, but PAC cranked out Kawada-style kicks to Mox’s eye! PAC went up top for the Black Arrow, but this time Mox managed to raise his knees for a near fall! PAC used a reverse German suplex to escape a sleeper from Mox. PAC headed up top again, and Mox rolled out of the way of PAC’s Black Arrow! Mox planted PAC with a DDT for a near fall! Both men were exhausted and fighting on fumes at this point. Mox climbed to the top, but PAC met him up there and superplexed Mox! PAC applied “the Brutalizer” in the center of the ring, with seemingly nowhere for Mox to go. PAC stretched Mox back, but Mox extended his legs, his boot touching the ropes to force a ref break. PAC ripped off Mox’s eye bandages out of frustration. This only amped up Moxley, who used a DDT, and then a “Paradigm Shift” on PAC for the victory! Jon Moxley has become the #1 Contender for Jericho’s championship at REVOLUTION on February 29th!

My Opinion: 3.8 out of 5 – This was as strong as the opener, but for different reasons. The match was more of a WWE match, but the energy here kept the whole thing from feeling choreographed beyond belief. PAC is so much better outside of the WWE. It’s really a matter of night and day with him. Wow. The way PAC wrestles in AEW is a matter of intensity versus his Neville matches where he just grunted and did high-spots. Jon still needs to take some time off to let his body heal all the way (he still looks too stiff to move), but the matches with Jon have gotten so much better. Him leaving was the way to go for Jon’s career. It’s funny what a change of scenery will do for a body. Overall, the change of scenery did this match good, because having a fight out at sea is one step close to Waterworld 2: Swimmin’ B——.

Final Verdict: 4/5

Screw it. I had fun here. The boat show was a blast and made everything feel more important (go fish). Two big hits and some solid success throughout the show made this fly by even quicker than usual while also getting a lot done.


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