16th Jan2020

‘Robotech Remix #4’ Review (Titan Comics)

by Dean Fuller

Written by Brenden Fletcher | Art by Elmer Damaso | Published by Titan Comics


Issue 4, which I guess means its end-of-the-first-story-arc time, this being the era of the four issue story, which coincidentally package up rather nicely into trade paperbacks. Completely unrelated of course. Sometimes of course this means stories are artificially scrunched into smaller chunks than intended, and it shows. The story suffers, as you would expect. A good writer fits his story to the space available, not just squeezing the story he wants to tell in the available space. Brenden Fletcher is a good writer, and the pacing and reveals have been perfect so far, and I’m expecting a great wrap up. Or else.

If you’ve been reading up to now, I’m assuming you now the lie of the land and don’t need a full recap. All you really need to know anyway is that Dana Sterling is trapped in the present, her past, as her timeline has been erased. Or has it? Two ships have arrived that can seemingly travel across multiple realities, and she wants to see if they can help. But are they good or bad? One of the pilots seems to know her, but leaves it at that, the other most definitely is out for her blood. That one? Rick Hunter.

Well he looks and sounds like Rick Hunter, but which one is he? This universe’s? Dana’s? A completely different one? Multiple realities can sure give you a headache. Whichever flavour of Rick he is, he’s out for blood and starts to strangle Dana, screaming that she killed Lisa and ‘them all’. Dana only survives because Bowie bops him over the head, knocking him out. This doesn’t seem to be our Rick, especially as the arrival of more strange beings causes the other pilot, on the run still, to admit this is all their fault. I smell a protoverse related time and space anomaly. Where’s The Doctor when you need him/her. Rick escapes just before Miraya and Max Sterling arrive, Dana’s ‘parents (not in this reality though).

Lisa Hayes, lest you forget Rick’s wife, is en route back to Earth to see Rick, but Dana tells her this isn’t her husband at all. Good in the sense ‘her Rick is still out there somewhere hopefully safe, bad in that he’s still missing. All that can wait though, as their ship comes under attack by those strange zombies in Zentraedi armour. Dana also keeps flashing back to ‘her’ Max and Miraya, and we see the difference between her loving parents and these two who hate each other. Max’s bravery and determination to take on these zombie creatures though most definitely reminds Dana of her father. I guess some things are universal. How do these zombie creatures have Zentraedi armour and Invid plasma cannons though? Hmm.

After a heated firefight, the other mysterious pilot manages to fire up his protoverse generator and wipes the timeline, which causes the creatures to disappear. Everything’s safe for now, but a little cryptic comment at the end suggests not for long. Resolved in a sense, though more the immediate danger than any long term one, and both alternate universe pilots are still out there. There was quite a lot going on here, and I must admit to being a little confused at times. Fletcher was throwing a whole lot of stuff at the readers, and at times I kept going back a page or two to work out who or what I was seeing. Not bad writing, just so much to get in there at times it all felt a bit overwhelming. Luckily Damaso’s art kept things as clear as they could be, doing a great job, though at times even the art got a tad crowded, panels wise.

Although this issue and the last were the weakest of the four to date, the arc itself was good, a solid way to reinterpret and reinvigorate this book. I think we’ll all be back for some more.

I know I will.

***½  3.5/5


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