14th Jan2020

WWE Network Original Reviews: Table For Three 5×12 – Dinner of Domination

by Chris Cummings


The Table for Three format is one that WWE seem to be keeping going, and I like it, although I always feel like they should be longer. The three people chosen to chat for twenty minutes or so hardly get the conversation going before the show ends. I think this could easily be an hour long. Oh well.

The latest episode of Table for Three see’s a reunion of the Nation of Domination members, D’Lo Brown, The Godfather and Mark Henry. Back in the Attitude Era in the late 90s, the Nation were a bad-ass faction who helped launch the career of The Rock. They had a legendary feud with D-Generation X, and each member has a very interesting story to tell, from these three guys, to the aforementioned Rocky Maivia and Faarooq.

This episode was fun, hearing stories from Charles “Godfather” Wright, Mark Henry and D’Lo about their times teaming together as well as their individual careers that brought them to the dance. It’s quick and doesn’t have chance to bring many revelations, although I was interested to hear about how The Godfather was meant to return to WWE in the late 90s as Papa Shango. I wonder how that would have gone? Would he have been a part of The Undertaker’s Ministry of Darkness? Interesting.

Overall, this was just another fast career-highlight episode featuring three guys who have an obvious friendship, and who’s career’s overlap in many ways. I thought it was good, but as usual with this series, I wanted more.

Table for Three is available now on the WWE Network.


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