14th Jan2020

What will be the Biggest Video Games of 2020?

by James Smith

Another year and another awesome selection of new video games to look forward to. Regardless of whether you’ve got a Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox or just prefer online gaming, you can expect a wealth of releases that push your gaming rig to the limits.

We can expect plenty more battle arena games to follow on the incredible success of Apex Legends and Fortnite. But there are also some fascinating developments in the iGaming industry. A quick look at this 888 casino UK review or many others found online, shows that the current generation of online casino games are displaying betting graphics, advanced audio and improved user experience. So it’s clear that standard console games will have some work to do in 2020. So here’s a look at some of the biggest video games coming to your consoles soon.


Doom Eternal

Is there a game that can inspire as much excitement and fear as much as Doom? Ever since this bloodthirsty title first landed on our screens in 1993, it’s raised the bar for what you can expect from first-person shooters where your main job is to blow demons into oblivion.

So hopes were high that Doom Eternal would raise the bar even further. However, its original November 2019 release date was pushed back while iD Software’s development team ensured that it meets our expectations.

This means that you won’t see Doom Eternal until March 2020, and Nintendo Switch users will have to wait even longer. At least Switch users have got Alien Isolation to keep them going until Doom Eternal provides some even more horrendous space-age entertainment.

Key features of the new Doom include twice as many demons, improved weaponry including all manner of flame throwers, grenades, chainsaws and ice bombs. There’s also an Invasion mode where you get to jump onboard other player’s single-player campaigns.

The Last of Us Part II

While there are plenty of decent survival horror games out there, few managed to match the storytelling skill of The Last of Us. Now PlayStation 4 users will get to see Ellie continue her journey in the wasteland of post-apocalyptic America.

Key parts of the story we know so far include things like mysterious cults and fungus-infested cannibals which all sound positively delightful. The game will once again feature the third-person perspective of the 2013 original, and it’s due to be released on 29 May 2020.

Interestingly The Last of Us Part II is already being touted as being able to change the way we think about video game violence. Much of this is being put down to the increased emotional range that we’ll see in Ellie, and it shows that games are becoming so much more than just simple shoot-em-ups.

Halo Infinite

While it’s not expected to drop until the end of 2020, Halo Infinite looks to be rebooting this sci-fi franchise in style. This means that Xbox and Windows users will once again get to see how Master Chief aims to save humanity with evermore elaborate weaponry.

It’s going to be another stylish first-person shooter, and it will thankfully bring back the split-screen feature that was annoying absent from the last instalment in the Halo series.

Other things to look out for include the potential introduction of micro-transactions and there are even reports that a pug will be providing alien sound effects. Above all, it promises to be a ‘spiritual reboot’ for the franchise after Halo 5 disappointed many fans.

This means that you probably won’t get to see that much-rumoured Halo battle royale mini-game, and can instead just get back to enjoying one of the best sci-fi first-person shooters of all-time.


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