06th Jan2020

‘Bulletproof 2’ DVD Review

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Faizon Love, Kirk Fox, Tony Todd, Pearl Thusi, Cassie Clare, Fiona Ramsay | Written by Rick Wilkes | Directed by Don Michael Paul


Back in February 2019, when I reviewed Benchwarmers 2 I speculated that Universal’s DTV arm Universal 1440 Entertainment were scraping the bottom of the barrel. How little did I know… Yes, after being set up to produce sequels to Universal’s properties such as Death Race, Tremors and The Scorpion King, the company has in recent years has churned out sequels to Kindergarten Cop, Daddy Day Care, Cop and a Half, Honey, Bring it On and even Backdraft. Oh, and last November’s out-of-nowhere sequel to Undercover Brother.

But in no way did I or anyone else for that matter, EVER expect Bulletproof 2, a sequel to the 1996 Adam Sandler film Bulletproof. After all, it’s been 24(!) years since the original film was released and both its stars Adam Sandler and Damon Wayans have moved on. Though I have no doubt both *might* have been persuaded to return for the right script and the right money. Neither of which this film has!

So how the hell do you make a sequel to a two-decade old film without the original stars, writer or director? And given how Bulletproof doesn’t have that large a fanbase (though you can count me among its fans) why would you?

It’s a familiar formula by now for Universal. Hire a writer willing to pen a new story based on someone else’s characters and a director who you know can churn out a film on time and on budget. In this case the secret is to hire Rick Wilkes, the screenwriter behind another Adam Sandler film, Airheads; and the action film xXx, to pen an action-comedy blending both genres he has experience in. Then you team that script with your go-to director, one Don Michael Paul – a man whose resume is essentially filled with sequels to franchise films; including Lake Placid 4, Sniper 5 and 6, Tremors 5 and 6 (and the forthcoming seventh instalment), a couple of Jarhead sequels, Death Race 4 and Scorpion King 5. See, told you he was the go-to guy for franchise sequels!

So that’s WHO you hire but HOW to you write a sequel to a film like Bulletproof? One who’s concept was one-note to begin with? After all the first film was a buddy cop comedy with the hook that one of the duo, Moses, wasn’t a cop and accidentally shot the other, Carter, in the head!

You know how you sequelise that? You pretend the first film was actually a film based on a real-life story of the two characters in said film. And now the real-life team of Carter and Moses, after 25 years apart following the conclusion we saw in the first film, have to once again work together to solve a drug case in Mexico. Only Carter apparently looks like Faizon Love (Elf) and in real life and Moses is actually a sleazier character in actor Kirk Fox (Parks and Recreation).

How meta.

Hey, at least its an original idea. Unfortunately that’s the only original idea in the entire film, which is less a comedy and more a Bad Boys wannabe with “funny” banter that is the entire opposite. Who the hell greenly this thing? Was it an attempt to keep the copyright a la Roger Corman’s Fantastic Four film? Or was this a legitimate attempt at a sequel. Either way this should’ve been a big no. And goddamn if they didn’t have the balls to call the FIRST film a shitty movie… no guys, THIS is a shitty movie!

If, like me, you’re a fan of the Adam Sandler/Damon Wayans starring original film then you should avoid Bulletproof 2 like the plague. If you haven’t seen the first Bulletproof movie well then… you should avoid this like the plague, or at least wait till hits streaming in about a week after the physical release!

Bulletproof 2 is released on DVD and Blu-ray (in the US) tomorrow, January 7th, courtesy of Universal.


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