18th Dec2019

The Complete Beginners Guide to Online Bingo

by James Smith

Bingo isn’t the game it used to be… it is no longer solely enjoyed by pensioners in a smoke-clouded room decked out with the very best furnishings from the Swinging Sixties.


No! Bingo is now a mainly digital game with 85% of players around the globe preferring to play online than in a land-based bingo hall. If you’re looking to join in with the online bingo place, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for our ultimate guide to online bingo including:

  • How to play: The Basics
  • Who to play with
  • Finding the best promotions & more

Online Bingo: How to Play

One of the main benefits of playing online bingo over any other typical casino game is its accessibility. Bingo is perhaps one of the easiest games in the world to play, even for beginners.

All you have to do is keep an eye on the numbers as they are called and mark them off your card when there’s a match. Fill a line or your entire card, and, if you call it before anyone else, you’re a winner!

Playing online also offers you the option to play 75-ball bingo which is the most commonly played form in the UK, or the American 90-ball version.
One of the most frustrating elements of playing in a bingo hall is being beaten to the win by a seasoned player. Just as it dawns on you that you’ve hit a full-house you hear a gruff voice from across the room shriek, “BINGO!”

Unfortunately the only way to beat these quick fire players is by putting in the hours (perhaps even years) of practice. Luckily most online bingo sites have tools available to level the playing field, keep your eyes peeled for these features:

  • Auto-Play: It’s not always possible to keep up with the numbers as they are called, that’s where auto-play comes in. You can instruct the computer to mark your numbers for you as you play, ensuring you never miss a chance to win. On some sites this feature is referred to as ‘autodaub’ or ‘autodab’.
  • Best Card Sorting: If you are playing with more than one card, the computer will readjust the layout of your screen as you play, placing the card with the best chance of winning at the top of your screen.
  • Best Card Highlighting: Similarly, this feature will alert you or highlight cards or lines that are close to winning.

How Much Does It Cost?

Not every online bingo provider is the same, so you will find some variation in prices as you browse different sites. However, as a rule of thumb individual cards tend to cost between 5 pence and one pound with prize amounts increasing with card costs.

Bingo Offers

Perhaps more important than cost are bingo offers and promotions. In recent years the online bingo market has become increasingly saturated, which is bad news for suppliers but great news for customers. In the battle to gain new customers and retain existing ones, sites are now becoming more and more generous with their offers and promotions. Before signing up for any individual site have a look at a comparison website to see what the competitors are offering.


Downloading Software

There are a number of bingo sites that allow you to simply log-in and play on your browser, however, some will require you to download additional software to enjoy their games. Choosing between playing via browser or downloading specially designed software is a personal choice. If you’re happy with no-thrills bingo then playing via browser is probably the best option for you. If, however, you’re looking for the full experience and want to make the most of the enhancements and playing options, make sure you play with a supplier that has its own downloadable software. Additionally if you’re likely to be playing on the go via mobile or tablet, make sure you choose a supplier with good, reputable apps. Check the reviews of any apps before downloading and look out for one star reviews that reference the app crashing or freezing.

Things To Consider Before Signing Up To A Site

Finding the best online bingo promotions will go a long way to ensuring you have a positive online experience. There are, though, a couple of other considerations that you need to think about, such as:

  • Reputation
    A good one is tough to earn and easy to lose so make sure you choose an online supplier with a good reputation. Your first port of call should be to check the Gambling Commision website, where you can check if the supplier you’re looking at is registered and licensed in the UK. After verifying that, check online forums and review sites to see what other customers are saying about the supplier. Be wary of signing up to a site that has courted controversy or has a reputation of frustrating its customers.
  • Community Feel
    Traditionally bingo has been a social game that allows people to come together and interact with one another. Since its move online, most major suppliers have been at pains to maintain this element of community on their sites. The very best online bingo sites will have software that encourages interactive chat between players. Take a look around the website to see what emphasis the company places on this, avoiding those that neglect the social aspect.
  • Trust
    The most common complaint from players is that it takes too long to withdraw winnings or that it is difficult to top up their account. You’ll have to visit the review sites and forums again to check out how trustworthy your selected supplier is when it comes to processing cash.


Online bingo allows you to experience the very best of the game whilst taking away some of its most annoying facets. Don’t get caught out by rushing in and signing up to play with a bad supplier, do your research first to maximise the fun!

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