13th Dec2019

‘Ring of Honor’ Review (Dec 8th 2019)

by Nathan Favel

Welcome to this week’s Ring Of Honor review, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and we have lipstick on a pig named Smiddley and y’all gotta give him a big wet kiss! Hoo-boy! That’s Christmas, momma! As for ROH TV…well…maybe you should just go kiss that pig instead! Smooch it up while you hooch it down, bubba! It probably says a lot about my personality when talking like a hillbilly, red-neck, yokel comes a little bit too easy. Y’all got that there birthday cake handy? How sweet it is!


Match #1: Bateman def. PJ Black

The following is courtesy of rohwrestling.com:

Black hit a springboard moonsault for a near fall. Bateman answered with a twisting brainbuster for a near fall. Black regained the momentum, hitting a super hurricanrana and moonsault for another near fall. Bateman thwarted another springboard move by Black and followed with This is a Kill tombstone piledriver to score an impressive win over the veteran.

My Opinion: 2.6 out of 5 – Black carried the decent Bateman to an equally decent match that didn’t do as much for Bateman as it did for Black, sadly. I like Bateman, but he feels like a millennial’s idea of interesting, whereas PJ Black actually is interesting, simply because he’s very talented. I get putting over the new guy, but why can’t you just give Black his big run as a constant contender/regular champion? What’s wrong with letting an older wrestler make the most of their remaining years? Having older stars at the top with the best of the young and proud is a tradition that has been very profitable in Japan, so why can’t an American league adopt that philosophy? I wish Bateman well in his ROH run, but I’d rather see PJ Black live-up to his potential and actually be a marquee name before it’s too late. Overall, this match represents all that’s good and bad with Ring Of Honor, as you have a new star potentially being created, but it comes at the expense of someone who should be treated as the star that he is already.

Match #2: (Main Event) Shane Taylor (w/Soldiers of Savagery and Rev. Ron Hunt) def. Danhausen – Ring Of Honor World Television Title Match

The following is courtesy of rohwrestling.com:

During the match, 2019 Top Prospect Tournament winner Dak Draper watched from the stage. By virtue of winning the tournament, Draper earned a future shot at the ROH World Television Title. Taylor used his size and strength advantage to dominate Danhausen in the early going. When Taylor became momentarily distracted by looking at Draper, Danhausen took advantage and hit a tornado DDT for a two count. The enigmatic challenger then tried to pour his collection of human teeth into Taylor’s mouth. Danhausen nailed Taylor with a basement dropkick to the face to score a near fall. Taylor eventually shut down Danhausen and hit a package piledriver. He followed with Welcome to the Land for the victory.

My Opinion: 2.3 out of 5 – This was not all that much, but the right guy won in what amounted to a…a SQUASH!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! WHY?! WHY?! WHY?! DAMN YOU! DAMN YOU! GOD D— YOU ALL TO HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!! Did you like my “Planet Of The Apes” joke? All seriousness aside…seriousness…that can’t be a real word, because it sounds stupid…but I am stupid, so seriousness works. I’m glad Taylor was made to look strong, but feeding one guy to another is, rarely, a good idea. Danhausen looked like he broke out of the punk rock wing of Kevin Spacey’s basement, so losing a squash to any-one just makes this goofy f—– harder to take seriously than it already is. All in all, the champion retained the strap and looked good doing it, so that’s alright.

News Of The Night:

  1. Final Battle is Friday

Final Verdict: 2.5/5

There was some build for Final Battle with the vignettes, but the wrestling portion was just disappointing all around.


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