11th Dec2019

These were the video game trends of 2019

by James Smith


China is the world’s leading video games producer AND accounted for a quarter of all revenue produced from the segment in 2017 surpassing the combined income of the USA and Germany. Another interesting statistics is the demography of gamers with the Asia Pacific region having more than a billion players, accounting for half of the gaming population worldwide. Gender wise division favors males with 54% being men and 46% women gamers. People in the age group of 21 – 35 account for 35% of all gamers globally.

Gadgets’ share of revenue

The revenue generated from all devices in the gaming arena for the year 2018 was $137.9 billion. Mobiles accounted for $70.3 billion, smartphones for $56.4 billion, PCS for $32.9 billion, browsers for $4.3 billion, downloaded or boxed for $28.6 billion and console for $ 34.6 billion. Serious observers of the gaming segment are predicting a rise of over 20% in the year 2019. The rising use of smartphones along with cheap internet in the Asia Pacific region can be a reason for this prediction.

Augmented Reality

What was once a Sci-Fi theme has become very common among serious gamers with new applications and gadgets adding to the realness of the experience. For those not very familiar with the theme, Pokémon Go was the eye opener with its different platforms and options. It will be interesting to see how other game builders are going to adopt augmented reality into their games.

Arcade Games

The vastness of the gaming segment does not hesitate to offer a piece of the cake to all sectors including the nostalgic. Arcade games with its pixelated characters and backgrounds are becoming as popular as they used to be during the infancy of the concept. Most gambling sites are watching keenly the developments happening there.


Themed Slots

This year online casinos continue their success with branded theme slots games, which are branded by other companies who produce movies, music and mostly the most recent example is Ozzy Osbourne AKA the prince of darkness who teamed up with Netent for a brilliant slots game in his “style” back up with his soundtrack, you can check out more popular slots games on CasinoBillions Ireland

All quiet for the Giants

Next-gen Xbox Consoles from Microsoft is still in the developing stage with the first release expected during somewhere early in 2020. Gambling sites are aware of these trends and are creating abundant choices for customers to choose from. Sony has reportedly skipped this year’s largest annual expo and keen observers are of the opinion that they are going cool on the console side. Sony will concentrate more on the hardware side with four major titles for release. The first party exclusive titles are Ghost of Tsushima from Sucker Punch Productions, Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding, Days Gone from Bend Studio and The Last of Us Part II from Naughty Dog.

Selling in China

Although China is the largest beneficiary from the booming game market, foreign developers will sweat a lot to sell in China due to the regulatory regime put in place by the newly created Ethics Game Committee.

Mobile versions from Established Franchises

The popularity of mobile applications is becoming hard to ignore. Major companies are developing Android and iOS versions of their successful programmes that had become hits on consoles and PCs. Diablo Immortal from Blizzard Entertainment will be one of many such games which will be launched in 2019.

Cloud Gaming Gaining the Upper hand

The advent of high-speed internet and state of the art gadgets are enabling a lot more gamers to stream applications directly to their devices with cloud computing. At present Liquid Sky, GeForce and Shadow are the well-known companies that offer this facility to users.

Competitive Gaming Scene

With Twitch becoming very popular among gamers and Fortnite on its heels, competitive gaming has come of age. The investment offer from rapper Drake to the professional gaming team 100 Thieves is proof enough for this trend which is going to catch up.


New Platforms

Android and iOS platforms have made mobile gaming fun and fast. Popular online game stores are introducing more applications compatible with both to lure users of Apple phones and Android mobiles. Android is the market leader which is way ahead of iPhones and hence it is natural that more developers are working on the Android platform. The total number of apps available on the Google Play Store is 2.6 million while those on the Apple App Store is 2 million.

What Developers are up to?

The percentage of developers working on applications for Mac and PC is 53% while those developing for tablets and smartphones are 38%. PS4/Pro developers constitute 27% and 24% are working on VR headsets. Xbox One/Scorpio developers are 22% whereas 13% are catering to Web Browsers. Linux and AR headset developers account for a mere 7% and 5% respectively.

With the huge revenues and a global audience, established players in the field of IT and AI will start acquiring stakes in game developing companies. Corporates like Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Tencent have a monopoly over data centers which are integral infrastructure for an online application. So in 2019, we can logically expect huge investments and acquisition wars by multibillion-dollar enterprises in the sector.

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