03rd Dec2019

The Last Week In Wrestling #45 (Wrestling Round-Up)

by Nathan Favel

Welcome to this edition of the The Last Week In Wrestling, right here on Nerdly. I’m Nathan Favel and the Watchmen TV show has an elephant now. I don’t know what the f— this show is all about, but I do know that this edition of the column has some good stuff in it. Mrs. Fletcher is hot. POWER-BOMMMMMMMMMMMMB!!!!!!!!


Best Moment:

One Large Step For Woman-Kind (Impact Wrestling) – Tess Blanchard got her number one contendership to the Impact World Title in a truly great Gauntlet Match. Hey, if I can’t use a Neil Armstrong here, then what’s the point of even being alive?

Best Promo:

Sinister Minister Preaches More Evil S— (Impact Wrestling) – Jim Mitchell did more of his great talking to Suzie/Su Yung. At this point, Mitchell could do this in his sleep.

Best Speaker:

Samoa Joe (World Wrestling Entertainment) – Joe was on commentary for Raw the whole night and did a great job.

Best Character:

Kevin Owens (World Wrestling Entertainment) – KO had a great week of character work (he usually does though). If this guy doesn’t get a major Wrestlemania match this year, then Dr. Manhattan isn’t Cal Abar. Ooooops, spoiler alert. Wait, it might not be.

Best Wrestler:

Adam Cole (World Wrestling Entertainment) – With four great performances in one week, he’s gotta be the best wrestler of the week. Also, he needs a vacation.

Best Performance:

Rich Swann (Impact Wrestling) – Swann gave an incredible performance in the Gauntlet Match that Tessa Blanchard changed her fortune in. Think of Kofi Kingston’s career-altering masterpiece and you’ll be right where you need to be for Swann’s equally incredible run in the match.

Best Move:

Greetings From 216 (Ring Of Honor) – Shane Taylor put away Joe Hendry with this sucker like it was Cod Night at the Masonic Temple. Lachaim!

Best Match:

Tessa Blanchard defeated Michael Elgin, Rich Swann, Moose, Daga and Brian Cage – Six Person Elimination Challenge Match For The Number 1 Contendership To The Impact World Title (Impact Wrestling) – 5 star match. Duh. This was an instant classic for too many reasons and it also turned out to be Dr. Manhattan in disguise.

Best Card:

Survivor Series 2019 (World Wrestling Entertainment) – On paper and in practice, this turned out quite well. An awful lot of variety allowed for this card to stay interesting (for the most part) while also allowing itself to be revealed as Dr. Manhattan in disguise.

Best Show:

NXT TakeOver: WarGames 2019 (World Wrestling Entertainment) – This is a bit of an upset, because I gave this a score of 4.2, while Impact got a 4.5 for having the guts to have a one hour match that was a five star classic. I stand by both of those scores and I stand by who is winning this award now. Also, the award is Dr. Manhattan in disguise.

Best League:

Impact Wrestling – Here’s another upset, as World Wrestling Entertainment had more awards this week, but Impact did more with one match than the entire WWE did this week (and they did a lot). Having all of their top stars perform at the highest-level is one thing, but when you give one of the best today a chance to catch up with his peers and get a chance to echo the success of another from a rival league, as well as pushing the envelope in women’s wrestling…get my point?

Final Verdict: 4.5/5

This was a great week with numerous great matches and some big moments that won’t be forgotten any time soon. Also, Dr. Manhattan was this whole week in disguise…with the big, blue wang included.


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