27th Nov2019

eBuying Comics: Week 31

by Ian Wells


With the big day fast approaching we are all prepping like mad for Christmas. I thought I would take this opportunity to maybe try and help out with some Christmas gift ideas for the comic geek in your life. In the past I have been accused of being difficult to shop for as a comic geek at Christmas. Now if I wasn’t a very nice person I would say me being hard to shop for is their fault. They aren’t going to go to a LCS, or even go on a comic shops website. They aren’t going to trawl through pages of eBay listings, so basically they are down to Amazon.

In the past I have come up with a list of trade paperbacks and books to be passed round between family. I make it clear I don’t want them all. Any selection from the list will be enough for Christmas. On the other hand I totally agree that shopping for comics at Christmas must be hell! At the end of the day it is a specialist subject and therefore a minefield of wrong turns for the uninitiated shopper. I would never ask or expect a family member to go back issue hunting for a present. Mainly because I love back issue hunting. It is the most fun aspect of collecting comics.

Secondly if you are having to go into such detail as grade and what the issue is valued at at a certain grade, well that’s just not the spirit of Christmas is it? Even buying trade paperbacks and hardcover collections isn’t  a straight forward process. With a lot of older stories have various amounts of collected editions it could be  a case of putting a brave face on it Christmas morning if you get an edition your not collecting. For me when it comes to trades and hardcovers I’m not fussy I don’t collect certain versions over others. Honestly I usually just go with the cheapest. I would be interested to know what peoples views on getting second hand trades/hardcovers as Christmas presents is.

Again with older now out of print stories I would be totally fine with a ‘used’ copy, as long as it wasn’t completely dog eared. To some sellers the line between ‘used’ and battered is very blurred. The biggest concern with buying second hand trades/hardcovers is that with the increased audience around comic culture is are you getting value for money. Like I said I would be totally fine if I got all second hand books for Christmas but the collector in me would be forever curious what condition they were listed as and how much was paid for them. Nerds shopping for fellow nerds must be pure joy. None of my friends are really into the comic side of things but with the increase in movies and TV series I have been able to use that as an excuse to buy trade paperbacks based on what movies they enjoyed or a story I cant recommend enough.

What follows is a collection of recommendations for comic related Christmas presents. First up I’ll offer up some trade paperback suggestions, all first volumes covering a range of genres. Then go into some safe bets for Marvel and DC fans. Each suggestion will be the cheapest listing I can find so either new or used and I have listed them as they are described on the eBay headline

The Crime Fan

Southern Bastards Vol1 Here Was a Man Jason Aaron Paperback Graphic Novel Crime (used) – £4 or best offer + £1.50 P+P

The Tech Fan

Analog Volume 1, Duggan, Gerry (new) – £7.03 Free P+P

The Capes and Masks Fan

C.O.W.L Volume 1: Principles of Power by Sigel, Alec (used) – £3.68 Free P+P

The Sci-Fi Fan

Copperhead Vol 1: A New Sheriff In TownNew Paperback Book by Jay Faebrer (new) – £10.99 Free P+P

The Action Fan

Street Angel: Deadliest Girl Alive by Jim Rugg Brand New (new) – £12.98 Free P+P

The Horror Fan

Gideon Falls Volume 1: The Black Barn by Jeff Lemire Brand New (new) – £6.46 Free P+P

3 Safe Picks For A DC Fan

  • DC The New Frontier Graphic Novel New Paperback by Darwyn Cooke (new) – £23.52 Free P+P
  • Watchmen by Gibbons, Dave Paperback Book (new) – £7.66 Free P+P
  • Batman Volume 4 The War of Jokes and Riddles Collect (2016) #25-32 (used) – £8.99 Free P+P

3 Safe Picks For A Marvel Fan

  • X-Men Grand Design 1: Treasury Edition , Paperback by Ed Piskor (new) – £17.45 Free P+P
  • Hawkeye Volume 1 Oversized HC (new) – £32.46 Free P+P
  • The Ultimates Vol 1 Super-human Trade Paperback Mark Millar (used) £5.99 Free P+P

Well I hope that was of some help to everyone. If you don’t want to go down the tricky path of selecting the write comic for the comic fan in your life there are plenty of other routes to go down. Sticking with eBay you can’t go wrong with a t shirt. There are plenty of official ones and custome designs to choose from. Funko Pops are good if you can get them for a good price. But like comics there are so many to choose from now! I would reccomend the Classic Marvel Figure Collection or the DC Superhero Figurine Collection. Very affordable mini figurines sculpted from lead of all the top characters. Each one comes with a well pakced magazine. If you are buying them second hadn though read the description to the end for the condition and sometimes you only get the figurine and not the magazine as well.

Selling  Update

Recently I purchased three random comics for £3.99 with the idea of selling them on hopefully to make profit. But at this stage I’d settle for breaking even! So from that introduction you would have guess none of the three comics have sold yet. I have listed three more times since more original post. Adjusting the prices on the third listing. What I have found surprising is that Hyperion #6 has garnered the most views. None of the listings have ever gained a watcher. If I could break even on the Hyperion comic that would be something. It seems plausible seeing as it had had the most attention. I think then I could still scrap a profit but all from Defenders #85 as it is the older issue. Again with Iron Man International #6 I think breaking even or even a very minimal loss would be a result. After four listings and very little interest I will leave relisting them until the new year.

Shopping  Cart

With the year drawing to  a close I have been able to knock another issue of my wish list of obtainable comics. This time I bagged myself a copy of X-Men #5 from 1991. Scripted by Jim Lee and John Byrne with art by the former this issue is significant for being the debut appearance of Maverick. Now purists will argue his first appearance is on a trading card, but for me it’s this. Many will also argue he is a crap character. To me he is everyone’s second favourite Weapon C survivor right? I can’t explain why I have always gravitated towards him, so I had to have the first stepping stone of his story. I haggled and got this comic for £2.99 with £1.32 P+P. I am very happy for the price I paid I have seen this comic upward of £5. The condition was listed as high grade and I can’t argue with it. I would place it at between VF-/VF.







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