26th Nov2019

Podcast: Phantom Menace to Rise of Skywalker – 20 Yrs of Digital Cinema

by Stuart Wright


From The Phantom Menace to The Rise of Skywalker: 20 Years of Digital Cinema is a two decade look back over cinema’s most recent history and how an audacious decision by George Lucas in 1999 would irreversibly change the art of cinema projection forever. In this interview/podcast, host Stuart Wright talks with Mike Bradbury, Head Of Sound & Projection for the Odeon Cinema Group, covering the whole of Europe.

Stuart takes a look, with Mike Bradbury, at how far we’ve travelled and consider what’s happens to a moving image in 2019 that increasingly relies on powerful computer processors to cope with the bitrates and refresh rates – a far cry from the 24 frames per second standard that was established in the 1920s. Mike also offers his advice to indie filmmakers that will ensure you get the best experience from one off screenings/premieres in this new high tech environment. Whatever you, don’t just assume everything will be okay. Rehearse your own content before the public sees it. And the pair celebrate our own favourite cinematic experiences of 2019 too.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is out December 19th 2019. Buy Odeon tickets in advance from here www.odeon.co.uk/films/star_wars_the_rise_of_skywalker/18357/


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